Altered States – Crash Course Psychology #10

Altered States – Crash Course Psychology #10

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You may think you know all about hypnosis from the movies. Zoolander, The Manchurian Candidate, etc… but there’s a whole lot more going on. In this episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank tells us about some of the many altered states of consciousness, including hypnosis.

Table of Contents

Hypnosis 0:00
Psychoactive Depressants 05:51
Non-Drug Induced Hallucinations 09:33

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April 7, 2014 / 21 Comments / by / in
  • Drugs talk starts at 5:00

  • You did not explain how hallucinogens act in the brain nor what they do aside from cause "hallucinations" then went on to talk about that as opposed to the substances

  • for those complaining about his misinformation to psychedelics, please take note that this videos is from 2014. that year were cannabis was barely emerging to legality. shrooms and lsd information wasnt until late 2016 and since then has been suppressed from society by big pharma.

  • what about adhd drugs such as Ritalin? am I making a mistake by getting my body to adapt to it? I'm worried I might be addicted!!

  • loving this channel 🙂

  • Laughed out loud when I saw Hunter S. Thompson popping up at 5:27.

  • I suffer from chronic pain and I wish that ibuprofen wasn't slowly loosing its effect on me at only 17 😧 its not fair

  • My son is slipping into altered states and not sure how to do this at will.

  • mesmerized..

  • centipedes under my skin… thank you, Hank.. thank you

  • Can somebody explain to me how caffeine brings you into an altered state of consciousness, since it's a drug..

  • 42.0

  • Hey you forgot DMT pal.

  • Why was the hypnotist Johnny Depp?

  • 8:54 is that jacksepticeye XD

  • So appreciate that zoolander reference

  • Was anyone else reminded of Vivaldi's Summer at 4:03?

  • LSD-25 is semi-synthetic. EDIT: You hypnotic language pattern-er motherfuckers. lol. Kathleen Yale & Blake de Pastino.

  • Haha. You can ask people to dissociate. I wouldn't dissociate for money! I took a medication many years ago and I had dissociation because of it, and haven't shaken the feeling for years.

  • This channel kinda sucks.

  • love the train spotting baby cameo!

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