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This was a requested video so I figured i’ll film a video on my psychology degree to help anyone that is interested. I’m pretty vague because everyone’s uni is different but I hope this is somewhat helpful. Any questions you have feel free to DM me on instagram or you can comment down below.

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  • hey Lizzie, just found your channel while searching studying a Psychology degree, btw thank you for making this video. i am going to university in sept to also study BSc in Psychology . i am worried about statistics because i never grasped it till late before my exams. my question is , is research methods taught at uni the same or similar or different to A- level . and how much of the work load should i be expecting ?

  • i was majoring in psychology too but i changed it to my minor instead. mainly because i couldn't pass research methods to save my life lol but everything happens for a reason and making that decision helped me realize it wasn't for me

  • Great starter advice for someone who entering that Degree..

  • what were your fav modules and why?

  • how many years until you get your degree?

  • I just finished my first year of psychology and I really enjoyed it but next year I have statistics and I wanna die lol

  • For those who want to become a clinical psychologist(in the uk) your degree needs to be approved by the BPA.
    As a psychology degree is quite popular even among those who arent interested in the clincal route, further education and clinical experience is essential which means its very competitive also.
    As you will find a lot of psychiatric nurses have a psychology degree and then changed to be a nurse as there are a higher demand for nurses compared to psychologists.

  • I've just finished 2nd year of psychology in Uni. Hated it a month into 1st year! That was me as well. I didn't know what to do so I chose to do Psychology as I done it in A-Level. Do you have any essay writing tips?

  • What experience are you planning to do? I'm going into my 3rd in October & I'm not looking forward to it, as it is nerve racking.

  • I can so relate to the fact that I'm going to uni because I didn't want to be that person who didn't know what they were doing!! Again this vid was so helpful❤ I'm so worried about research methods 😅

  • S H

    Starting my first year in September and really nervous! I know uni is more independent with learning and I'm worried about how to revise. Do you have tips on how make the best notes ?

  • Hey Lizzie, just finished 2nd year will go on to my 3rd year. I really need some times on how to evaluate and analyse things? How can I practise this & what did you do to help you? Thanks so much for this video! x

  • I have many adversaries because of my psychological knowledge. One was a person in the navy that that is drawn to conformity & simply rejects all reproof of any sort. They even choose to say things (after aquiring a dergee) such as there is no affect on a child raised in a single parent household. I find it difficult to relate when people use psychology to perpetuate their own agenda.
    PS.They were teribble listeners too.

  • You're Stunning BTW

  • Soo helpful. Thank you so much

  • College and university  are not the same in the US!

  • What uni do you go to if you don't mind me asking ?

  • this was really helpful , im 15 next year im goignt o do my GCSEs ,please pray for me . i want to be forensic psychologist or to do something in criminology in Uni . but im sooo confused of what to do . please help

  • J

    what A levels did you take ? X

  • This was so helpful, thank you so much! I'm kind of similar to you because I'm applying for psychology because I enjoy it, but I'm not sure what to do after

  • Im in Psychology too! Like you said, the job i want only requires a degree, not a specific degree, so i choose psychology. Also, eventual, im wanting to be a Librarian, which also requires any bachelors to be accepted in the masters program. Im kind of liking it…but dang, sooo much reading!!!

  • I just know that Psychology is the study for me because I wanted to become a psychologist since I was little but I know like 8 people who have studied it & can't find a proper job where I live ( Amsterdam).

  • lovely inspiration,im enrolling on with University this year . this choice is a puzzle to learn

  • I am doing my frist year at collage. Done sleep and dreams, personality and research methods

  • Thank you so much for this video!!! probably gonna be doing psychology and this really helped …thanks agin!!

  • salary range?

  • You are too vague… Try to be more specific next time… You talk a lot but you don't say too much.

  • College and universities are not the same in the US! When we talk about going to university in general we do use the term "college", but they are not the same.

  • seriously good video, six months into first year of open university, what you said is all so true. thanks babe

  • Nice video on psychology

  • I hated my Psychology degree after first year. I should have quit. I didn't. I didn't do well and got a 2.2 in the end. That's just my experience, but props to you Lizzie for admitting that you don't love it and pretending its all sunshine and rainbows like I did. It's hard to admit that it's not all amazing. Obviously some people may love Psych, and great for them but personally, I hated it. 😀

  • PLEASE REPLY – I'm 15 (year 10) and at the moment, I've got my heart set on becoming a psychiatrist and ik it's a long, tough road to become one but I'm dedicated and do work hard and believe i could do it, and i was hoping you'd have some advice as to what i need to get in GCSEs/A Levels then what i need to do at university. From what I understand, i need C+ in GCSEs for everything (bare minimum, i hope to get As and Bs minimum though), then A Levels in Chemistry, Biology and Psychology, then 4/5/6 years in med school, then 2 years junior doctor then 6 years specialist psychiatry training, then id qualify as a psychiatrist and progress from there, if all goes to plan, id be 32-34 by the time im qualified and i was wondering if you knew how true all of this is? Thank you in advance!

  • do i need to take maths in alevel?

  • Nice

  • I do psychology at GCSEs and i am looking to do it at a level with the hope of going onto uni this video was really helpful to me so thank you. I know i am only 15 and i still have ages to decide and change my mind but at the moment i am really looking into this career path so i fund this video really interesting. I agree with you on your opinion on going to uni, i feel like uni just opens up so many doors and gives you so many experiences (not saying that you can't gain this without uni) and it shows employs that you have dedication and the ability to learn.

  • how can I prepare of psychology during the summer
    I'm starting uni in September

  • Hey I want you to reply me plzzzz,z…..

  • I am in a similar situation. I dont like statistics an struggle with it. Do you have suggestions how to pass statistic classes? LIke do you get priviate lessons in statistics or how do you manage it?

  • I started off as a nursing major. I switched to psychology because I wasn't confident with myself. All I knew when I started school , was the fact that I wanted to help people. Because I wasn't confident in myself, I switched to psychology thinking it would be easier. It is, but the job outlook sucks. You most definitely need a master in Psychology to do anything worth while.

  • Do you have to take A level maths to be able to do statistics?

  • Hey I want to forensic pyschology in uni but I feel like i would need science a level which I don't have but I'm currently doing sociology, history and welshbacc which I got AAB. Can I still do it or not ( I'm in yr 13 btw)

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