All About My Course! – Criminology with psychology || Uni Advice, #BackToSchool Series

All About My Course! – Criminology with psychology || Uni Advice, #BackToSchool Series

Hey guys! Sorry Ive been AWOL, its been really hectic since uni has started.

1. I recorded this video a few weeks before the first term back started, so I feel like a lot of this advice may be redundant to you lot but by any means, if any of this is helpful to someone i’ll be happy.
2. I felt like most of the time I was saying gibberish tbh but, I am not an ambassador for my course or anything like that and I don’t know everything about it so if there’s information missing or I didn’t explain it well enough, abeg. just do your own research lol. This is just my experience with the course and how I found it.

SAYING ALL THAT – I hope you enjoyed it anyways 🙂

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  • Hi I have a question and I hopeee u can help me. Is it possible to study criminology with an access to Health and Social care diploma?

  • I study psychology with criminology 🤗

  • oh wow I am also studying criminology ….and when I tell people I study criminology in the uni they r like what😕 do u wanna by a police officer?….then I hv to start explaining😞 …..but yea I hate research methods especially the hypothesis part😥

  • What university did you study at?

  • can u take phycology as a major and criminology as a minor

  • What courses did you take for 6th form?x

  • Hi everyone, I am a undergraduate psychology student currently undergoing their dissertation project and I would really appreciate it if you could fill out my online survey by following the link – would really appreciate your time.

  • Very helpful video!

  • it was of great help thankyou so much.
    and you are very pretty❤

  • I'm in my final year of Psychology with Criminology and I'm so glad I've discovered your videos.. you're hilarious! Haha. Best of luck with your placement this year and for your upcoming final year. xx

  • what university do you go to btw

  • Guys. I go to the UNIVERSITY OF PORTSMOUTH. If I had £1 for every time this question has been asked 😂

  • Hello, I'm applying for uni and I know I want to do psychology. But I'm struggling with knowing whether to take criminology or sociology with it. I have an interest in both but I have no idea what I want to be doing after uni. I've always been interested in why criminals do commit crimes etc etc. but I know I don't want to become a police officer. Do you think it matters what you take at this stage? I need help!

  • hello. i like you and love .. please contact with me.

  • Did psychology for A level and everyone was like yuk, all you guys learn about is phallic shaped things 😂

  • Is sociology and criminology both are inter link and inter connect or not?

  • I really want to do criminology it interests me so much, but does it matter if I have done nothing relevant for criminology in college?

  • Your my queen 👸

  • Deleted your so funny when you said your not about the police life I laughed so hard

  • I'm not interested in policing either at all

  • I'm applying to study Criminology with Psychology in Uni next year. I was wondering if you knew what type of job or postgraduate training you'd want to do after your degree? I know that I want to do Criminology with psychology but I'm not sure what type of things you can do after the degree. Love your videos btw X

  • justmeechyy i just want to ask that i am doing my a levels and i want to study psychology and criminology at uni but i don't study any subjects related to it…. can i still study this subject? i mean do i need to have any background study about this subject to apply at uni??? plz do reply

  • TEAM NIGERIA lmaoo

  • I am a criminology and justice student

  • Going to uni from sixth form don't u carry on with ur a level subject or once u finish sixth form u can just pick a random course for uni

  • You look like Moana from that one Disney movie

  • I'm a senior In high school looking to be a criminal profiler but idk if I should major in criminology or psychology.

  • Research methods is the worst 😒😂

  • Nice video but from my personal opinion i believe in South Africa Criminology is underrated. It is hard to get a Job with this qualification, i don't mean to demotivate you guys but i am doing my final year of my Masters in Criminology and had been applying but no Jobs… A lot of people with the same degree are jobless. Although i do enjoy this subject…

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