Alfred & Shadow – A short story about emotions (education psychology health animation)

Alfred & Shadow – A short story about emotions (education psychology health animation)

Alfred is in love. He is also angry, shameful, scared, sad and lonley. His good friend Joy supports him in his constant fight against Shadow. Join the fight! And maybe you will discover something new about your own emotions along the way.

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Here it is in Norwegian

This is an educational film about emotions. The script is written by psychologist Anne Hilde Vassbø Hagen, with love and support from Dr. Leslie Greenberg. The films professional foundation is Emotion-focused therapy (EFT).

Are you interested in learning more about emotions or emotion focused therapy? Visit or, din psykolog i Bergen.

Thanks to Jean Michel Valdenaire for translating the film in to French.

Thanks to Harald Borjans and Maikel Stams for translating it to Dutch.

Thanks to Bernadette Kwok Yee Wong for translating it to Cantonese.

Thanks to Siang Be for translating it to German.

Thanks to Ewa Kaczorkiewicz and Monika Tarnowska for translating it to Polish.

A new 3-year work shop in emotion-focused therapy for psychologists starts in October 2015. Dr. Leslie Greenberg leads the work shops. Visit or for more information.


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  • Thanks! I will share with my patients

  • I do agree with the general message here (to stop the deny/not listening to live fully instead of beeing stuck in one emotion). I'm no specialist but I doubt there are so few base emotions to explain the other ones. How to point out "exhausted", "energyfull", "confortable/unconfortable", "sleepy" : there is a wide range of emotions that are related to your own body. Those that are pointed out in the presentation are related to our social life and our environment, are intense and short term for most of them. And maybe so are easier to point out for a doc, but those related to your own body are more deep rooted and influence your whole behaviour faaaaar more on the long term than the very intense and short term ones that are pointed out in the video.

  • Krátke video o emóciách (in english).

  • jeg beskytter mig ved at holde alle på afstand, det er det letteste og det mindst smertefulde, der ud over ordinere jeg mig selv med alkohol, kun lige nok til at slukke og lukke for skam og ego, jeg skal jo stadig kunne stå op og passe mit arbejde, skål! og nyd livet blandt alle de falske og dem der svigter, semper fidelis.

  • Moral of the video: Open up and learn to 'feel' your emotions. 🙂

  • I love this video! I have worked with adults with severe persistent mental illness in long term residential and forensic settings as an art therapy intern, and the information in this video perfectly gets to the heart of so many of their problem issues. Have you ever used this video in psychoeducational groups with this population? If so, I'm wondering how it was received.

  • Great video! Also where is the cute music from at the end? 🙂

  • too awesome, extremely thoughtful.

  • Permission to share?

  • Helpful video. I just wished that the shadow was not described as "big, black and scary." Describing negative emotions using color language that is associated with racist speech promotes unconscious biases in non-black people and poor self-concept for black people, specially in children since they are still developing their self-image. It is a small but powerful change that could make this video extremely useful for a classroom environment.

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  • Wonderful video. I would like to add this to my website (about psychotherapy) if it is OK with you?

  • i am a grumpy sad owl.

  • Great work, impossible, may I share it on social media. ".0

  • Yes Liam Wille, feel free to share on social media : )

  • Intéressant. Merci.

  • thank you for sharing.

  • This is a great video. I look forward to using it with grade 1 students. It would be great if when the owl felt, or expressed an emotion, then the word popped up on the screen. Is this possible? Please and thanks.

  • It's great when the feelings are on his tummy.

  • Great video!

  • it's a great source and work ! i just wonder if you can suggest me a more written source ? honestly i'm having a hard time about myself.. and would love to correct it back again 🙂

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Love it! Share it with all my students!

  • This is so beautiful and well done! Thank you!

  • Hi Anne, Can I have your permission to translate this video to spanish and share in my channel? Is a great video

  • owl needs to get laid 1:00

  • Thank you so much! Very thought provoking and informative video. Well done 🙂

  • awesome video. Fantastic work. learnt a lot from this clip.

  • Emotions can be negative or positive. positive emotions generally lead to happiness but negative emotions leads you to sadness,irritated, fear etc. Emotions can be instant or can be long. Emotions are angry,scared, love, happiness. Some emotions arouse us and some calm us down. Unpleasant emotions helps us to survive.

  • May I use this on my website please? Who should I reference? Thank You.

  • i dont feel any thing at all just hatred void all bad things

  • Great content in a captivating animation. Thank you for posting this.

  • I'll stick to reason and logic.


  • wonderful video…I would like send you transcription in spanish. Are you interested?.

  • This is great to help students understand their emotions.

  • What an amazing video!  Love both the script and animation.  So clear, educational and cute!  Congratulations for the brilliant work!  Liked it a lot X 1000! 

    I wonder if I could use it in an EFL class?  Teaching English to adults through Self-development materials.   I look forward to receiving your answer.
    Many thanks in advance!

  • great work very easy to follow and understand

  • This is a very good video for children's to understand the emotions of human beings. From this video we can see the emotions in different ways as love, anger, sadness etc. And main content from this video is if we have fear in our thought means it will make us into trouble,such as that the character in this video can avoid the friend and being alone, so that this is also a emotion we can see. And the wonderful feelings of human act with there emotion through keeping there feelings as anger, but inside some feelings as sadness with stress.So through this video the emotions can be classified into different ways and with the moral telling that… join with your friends in every moment and share the feelings and emotions.

  • awesome video

  • What a very informative video for adults. I never looked or knew that this was the way emotions worked. I just thought I was an anomaly. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Could I use this for a school project?

  • Thank you so much for such an empowering video! I will share this with my students.

  • cant you heal your emotions alone? and why?

  • Thank you

  • I truly enjoyed this video and will share it in my workshops and psychology classes.

  • wow, what a great video. I've been stuck for 29 years, trying to show people my True emotions. my brain works on a completely different way. but I won't be so shy to show you my True emotions anymore.

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