AI And High Tech Psychology Are Designed To Target Children And Take Down Humanity

AI And High Tech Psychology Are Designed To Target Children And Take Down Humanity

Alex Jones exposes how artificial intelligence and high tech psychology has been created and deployed by technocrats to target children in an absolute effort to take down all of humanity.

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January 11, 2018 / 30 Comments / by / in
  • Im sleeping with my gun tonight!

  • It's a weird place is Alex's brain

  • amazing can they implement this in fallout 4 so the ai isnt so shit

  • there are doctors who say that technology addictions are bad, but they say it too late. When i get my own appartment, the first thing to go: the TV.

  • “ end of line 😐 “

  • As soon as I started watching this video, a popup box appeared from Youtube, asking me on a 5 point scale how satisfied I was with youtube today. I obviously responded Very dissatisfied. Hope that doesn't screw you over Alex lol

  • True it's also true most people have a turning point if enough incentive is given they'll turn, sell out. Jesus teaches us not to be of the world, follow him for eternal life.

  • A child so venerable that's why GOD & FAMILY ARE ONE!

  • God Bless the truth!

  • Red alert red alert red alert here it is here it is here it is Hahahaha I love alex

  • No comments?? Worry won't help

  • yesterday was big and today is bigger. there was a shit in the culture and language via communications and code languages. i noticed this big time i found that big pharma and the medical ystem has a high protocol on the smart systems security routing i am using a library and researching extensively on dns wamps intergrated network security and they use packet spews if you will and tiny subliminal frequecy threw your home networking even i swear to you its complex stuff but the stuff you hear can not be trusted and if you know your getting real packets then consider it subjective but duley noted, id be careful with what is not under your domain or protocol. like as me being a 23 year old i swear the chicks dig me come to find out i am blocked every time i try to get laid hahaha

  • Trump 2020

  • The Israeli brain mapping project has to stop.

  • Wow – the unsolved mystery theme is public domain?

  • Lay off Coulter.

  • I love the intro!

  • D C

    Alex, smart dust!!!

  • Lots of chem trails in sj cal. ALOT!!!!

  • Swords should be brought back! Guns are quick; however, to leave a corpse for mainstream media to record after it's been severed would definitely leave a shocking impression. A few of these would make Antifa and the rest of the scum think twice. Show up to a free speech rally while Atifa carries there open armed AR-15s and use a chinese sword on a few of them==game over!


  • Boiling Fogs…. EYES open an Hold Fast!

  • This is all you've got to 'take down Humanity' — some Twitter crap? Really? Who cares? So Twitter takes down Humanity? Nope, only the brain-dead zombies I see in stores, who are incapable of social interaction. I'd call it a "winnowing". I got along just fine before 'Twitter' and so have billions and billions of other people; and I'll get along just fine after it as well. How about you?

  • A perfectly engineered-human-storm, between mesmerising 60 inch 24 hour television programming and ever larger chunks of a person's identity immersed in a virtual online identity, most people you meet under 30 are like engineered drones.



  • YOUTUBE sucks

  • Golden Drag0n FTW!!!!

  • You are the resistance!


  • It is easier to fool someone then to make them realise that they have been fooled..

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