Aggression V. Altruism: Crash Course Psychology #40

Aggression V. Altruism: Crash Course Psychology #40

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In our final episode of Crash Course Psychology, Hank discusses the ideas of Aggression and Altruism. These two things are difficult to understand and explain so sit tight and get ready to run the gauntlet of human emotions.

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Table of Contents:

Robber’s Cave Experiment 0:00
Realistic Conflict Theory 0:57
Physical & Environmental Triggers 3:23
Frustration-Aggression Hypothesis 4:24
Altruism 5:25
Bystander Effect 5:56
Social Exchange Theory 7:19

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November 24, 2014 / 22 Comments / by / in
  • now which course do I do next

  • Aggression and Altruism are two unrelated things.

    Next up: Call of Duty vs Chocolate Ice-cream.

  • But are you gonna make more?

  • I don't understand one thing. They point to reduced activity in one brain area as some sort of proof of why we act different ways. but why is that taken as a cause and not an effect ?
    to say that Jay, who is a violent rapist , has reduced activity in frontal lobe of his brain. why do you infer that that reduced activity probably explains his behavior ? maybe the reason there is reduced activity In that region of his brain is that he doesn't use it ! maybe it's the effect.

  • you "boo" lol

  • wow you putted the intro pretty late you dumbass

  • @CrashCourse, we really enjoyed your take on aggression and altruism. Wish you would think about making more psych videos!

  • can anyone point me where can i continue after this ?? I'm not a psychology student but I really learned a lot and i'd like to learn more

  • don't you mean group self interest ?

  • Liverpool 😛

  • Something about that Bystander Effect experiment sounds very flawed…

  • Muzaffer Sherif the Turkish- American psychologist 💜💜

  • I'm looking for a nice explanation about transubstantiation. I'm sure that you're the best to make it clear!

  • Interesting that he says, "what we can all learn from a bunch of twelve-year-olds." More specifically, how he says it, as if it's a surprising or amusingly unlikely thing. I only bring it up because of the previous video on discrimination.

  • thank you for a view into psychology. will there be more? danke

  • You can be altruistic to others and to yourself, in which case it's self-interest ?

  • Try having ADHD. Hard to control aggressive tendencies and a strong sense of altruism.

  • Communism.

  • This really helps me with my study 🙂
    Thanks !

  • What's altruism

  • I feel like self-interest actually helps give value to altruism. If no one really cared about themselves, then helping them wouldn't mean very much. They wouldn't care for the assist anyway.

  • Is it just me, or is it sad that these series are to an end?

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