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About Us

Psychology Roots is an open source platform that provides services in the field of Psychology. There are three main sections of Psychology Roots:

  • Counseling
  • Education
  • Information, Resources, Support (IRS)


Psychology Roots work hard to provide the best mental health services. There is the following way to provides mental health facilities:

  • In-Person Counseling (Visit our office)
  • Telephonic Counseling (Through Call)
  • Skype Counseling (Use internet)
  • Email Guidance
  • Chat Guidance

Recently Psychology Roots and Sahil NGO signed an agreement to provide free counseling service. So, Now clients just book his/her appointment and get free counseling.


Psychology Roots design online Learning Management System to provide quality education in the field of Psychology. Learners visit our Education section for an already available course and join any time. If any learner wants to learn any specific course or content they create query through email and our expert team create the course.

Psychology Roots also welcome professional to make a course on our LMS  and earn. If anyone wishes to work as the instructor than send an email with CV. Our team support and teach how to create a course.

Information, Resources, Support (IRS)

Psychology Roots provides information, resources, and support in the field of psychology. If you have any query/question then ask us. We provide you answer to your question as soon as possible.

Psychology Roots design following categories to provide information, resources, and support:

  • Books
    • Manuals
    • Books
  • Education
    • Admissions
    • Scholarships
    • Online Courses
    • Institutes
  • Events
    • Workshops
    • Conferences
  • Jobs
    • Full Time
    • Part Time
    • Internship
  • Media
    • Movies
    • Documentaries
    • Experiments
    • Lectures
  • Mental Health
    • Clinic
    • Hospitals
    • Centers
    • Online Counseling
  • Research
    • Case Studies
    • Articles
    • Thesis
    • Journals
  • Social Media
    • Groups
    • Pages
    • Websites
  • Tools
    • Scales
      • Urdu
      • English
    • Softwares
  • Writings
    • Blogs
    • Assignments
    • Tips

We update on daily bases these categories. As mention earlier Psychology Roots is an open Source platform so anyone can add information in the above categories.

We appreciate if you add any information on Psychology Roots.

Our Mission

Psychology Roots mission to promote mental health and Psychology.

  • Provide Counseling to improve mental health
  • Assistance in finding the latest material (eBooks, Articles, Tools, Softwares).
  • Provide Education and awareness about Psychology (Courses, Workshops, Lectures)
  • Provide up to date information

Our Vission

Our vision to promote mental health and Psychology.

  • Provide mental health services on the doorstep
  • Provide Education and awareness
  • Provide up to date information
  • Career Guidance