“Abnormal Psychology” | AP Psychology with Educator.com

“Abnormal Psychology” | AP Psychology with Educator.com

“Abnormal Psychology” | AP Psychology with Educator.com
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  • Mashi920 I feel you may have misinterpreted what the lecturer was saying.  He says that it could be seen to be biased because it could be said that it is 'political'. He says an example of this is homosexuality because prior to 1973 Homosexuality was seen as a disorder but because of political pressure it has gone from a disorder to a non-disordered behaviour.  This is stating the facts of why it has been removed from the DSM due to a change in society's culture and acceptance of this.  It's a great way in an exam to state how the DSM classification system is always changing and evolving to improve.  I think this lecture is one of the best I have watched to understand Abnormal Psychology. I have learnt so much thank you!

  • Jazak ALLAH

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