A ‘Reverse Psychology’ Sales Technique

A ‘Reverse Psychology’ Sales Technique

In this video, Mike Michalowicz the author of The Pumpkin Plan, shares a closing technique that puts customers in the position of explaining why they want to work with you.


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  • You sneaky muff!

  • love it- so interesting the way the human mind works. 

  • Feeding The Ego

  • If he was to ask why, I probably would have said.. " Because I'm not you..".
    In negotiation, I don't believe in exposing their strength, unless I'm not interested.. Double reverse psychology.. wham

  • omg true im now bill gates!

  • I learned this when I was 11

  • Cool, thanks!

  • i do this all the time without knowing that it is reverse psychology lol

  • That was Fantastic!!! Thank you!

  • Does this work in a retail store?

  • you seem a nice guy…but you seem to lack conviction about what you say. Leaning and resting your hand on the chair and mostly avoiding eye contact while making your point as well as quick to look at the person that likes what you are saying, not to mention how you laugh after the audience laugh etc., are not exactly convincing body language.
    You may or may not have a point on reverse psychology, which is an easy thing to explain in an airconditioned meeting room but such a difficult thing to achieve in a retail setting, however, if only you could add more conviction to what you say, then you could truly 'close' the sale.
    In summary, i think the psychology of projecting self-belief(by a salesman) convinces people to buy more than reverse psychology.

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