A psychologist debunks the claim that fidget spinners help kids focus

A psychologist debunks the claim that fidget spinners help kids focus

Fidget spinners are everywhere these days. You can buy them on any street corner for a few dollars, and both kids and adults are obsessed with them. The companies that make these hot new gadgets claim they help relieve stress and anxiety and can help kids with ADHD focus. David Anderson, PhD, a clinical psychologist from the Child Mind Institute, shares his thoughts on spinners.

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May 22, 2017 / 38 Comments / by / in
  • W R R R R R R R R T

  • I have ADHD a mix of girl and tomboy (cause I'm so hyper and I bump in conversations) and this video is right even though I have tons of them

  • People have different things that help them concentrate good thing pencils are not banned

  • casually playing with my fidget spinner while watching this video

  • I don't know where he got that from at 0:33, but, just, no.

  • fidget spinners contain lead

  • fuck any piece of shit asshole who excludes ADD and thinks it's the same as ADHD. fuck all of you.

    Also people are retarded if they think this is a full on treatment. as someone with attention deficit disorder, I do find them extremely thereputic but they're no way in hell ritalin. I am very happy they blew up with the way they did in popularity so i was able to discover these.

  • This video distracted me from fidget spinning

  • Why is science focusing on things like this

  • these things can actually help people quit smoking cigarettes

  • I agree cause fidget spinners make me dizzy and TiedPlayz, I agree cause when my teacher confiscated it, they cried fidget are like wives and husband to them

  • It does help, shut up, I have adhd and it helps me,

  • Its a waste of money buying these

  • He ignored the idea of fidgeting and the causes of fidgeting … he is saying about effect without even considering the cause

  • beautiful video sir…I have been saying this to many parents and now after watching this video it's an evidence to my talk. I personally feel the same. in fact kids who are not fidgety also tend to become fidgety after getting used to this.

    now that it's a fad like in India since ages we had tops to spin….

    my daughter who is not fidgety and concentrates on one thing at a time is getting restless if she doesn't spin it even for a while…while today being her first day at it.

  • Why the fuck will you get autustic with the toy, it helps you focus, not letting you to have autism

  • He didn't debunk it, just said it was too new to have any scientific backing. Also, fidget spinners are cancelled for all neurotypical people.

  • Haa!I knew it
    They were just a toy which don't decrease stress

  • As someone with ADHD, this video is a lifesaver. At school, they banned fidgets in general because of these spinners.

  • I have ADHD and the fidget spinner doesn't help me

  • Oh lord.. So the kids won't know if stress is going off of them THEY LITTERALY SAY THAT THEY THEMSELVES are losing strea by spinning this toy AND YOU HAVE THE NERVE TO TELL THEM THEY ARE WRONG!?! YOU WOULD THINK IF SOMBODY KNEW THEY WHERE LOSING STRESS HUH?

  • It's a few bucks. No harm in trying it. It helps me pay attention to videos during the slow parts instead of just letting my mind wander off completely.

  • I don't have ADHD but I can't focus in math ;-;

  • such a retarded toy … most people I saw with one felt like were retarded actually.

  • Seeing people commenting negative about the spinners. Guys if this harmless toy bothers you that much you must not even see the video. Don't be negative at least. Many toys have been produced which are completely useless and harmless but no one showed any hate before. But now there are two types of people in the world, one who likes fidget spinner and other who don't. Stop hatting harmless toy. If you don't like it don't purchase it. That's better.

  • Just cam bearings in plastic.. wish I'd though of it though!

  • But wait, Did anyone notice that the buffer sign of this video is a spinner?

  • Anyone else get more frustrated when you want to spin them faster and faster but can only get going so much…..

  • I have two of those one is the army and the another is white and i have the white one right now with me on my stomach lol

  • I have really bad mental illness problems and have had since I was four, and fidget spinners and cubes really help me. I have a lot of things wrong and if I'm not doing something I end up scratching and harming myself, so things like spinners and cubes really do help me. I wish I could bring them to my school but they're banned, and I hate when people know I'm a bit, different, they treat me so differently and I'd get lots of questions why I have them, I'm in high school. A strategy I do is put hair bobbles (hair ties, ponytails, whatever) on my wrist and ping them off myself and just sit and twist them, it helps me an awful lot.

  • Hai..nice video i have doubt is it affect our brain…?? All say's that dont use it….is it affect the brain……..pls rply…

  • This is Stupid

  • If he claims to be a PhD with does he uses youtube ? Can't he get published in real medical media ? If not why?


  • While i was watching this video my dog was fucking my computer… 0-0



  • I have such poor motor skills I can't even spin it with one hand 😅 I think I'll stick with my putty….

  • at my shcool
    5th graders: look what i can do with my spinner
    Me(7th grade):lol spinners sucks
    6th 7th and 8th graders: hes right you know

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