A.P. Psychology Child Experiment – Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

A.P. Psychology Child Experiment – Piaget’s Theory of Cognitive Development

Testing a 4 year old’s level of cognitive and moral development with Heinz Dilemma and conservation tasks


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  • And then he realizes the real answers

  • I love how the kid has no idea of what the heck you're talking about. lol

  • I laugh every time the kid just whispered something and the guy just repeats at the end what he wants to hear…gotcha!! and the kid is like….huhhhh? what's up with this guy…with a look like he has no clue ….

  • Nice video! Gave me some good ideas for my project!

  • the beginning was okay but what the f*** are you seriously kidding me your questions and tests at the end were ridiculous absurd and inappropriate for children

  • please don't speak with any more children as a matter of fact, I forbid you from ever coming in contact with a child again

  • I like the tone of your voice when talking to him. Its very sweet and soft. Not intimidating at all

  • Now "WHICH ONE IS LONGER" is a mistake question. This way you are already telling him that one of them IS longer. Pretty bad mistakes

  • I think you did a great job dont listen to any negative critics.

  • The kid is little and relative to an adult he is as dumb as a post but he just knows what the moral decision is!! … makes you feel that there is something transcendent about morality that goes beyond cognitive ability

  • going to have a final this coming Tuesday and this definitely helped me further grasp an understanding of conservation . Thanks!

  • Good job Jacob. Just a suggestion, don't you think keeping kid's hands busy would make the test more effective ?

  • Thank you for this demonstration, good job

  • semantics sometimes

  • Jacob, thank you for your video and comments. Could you please tell what it means if the child of 9 years of age still makes mistakes in the tests of pre-operational stage. Does it mean that he still didn't pass that stage or could it be anything wrong with his/her development ? Im writing an essay about egocentrism and investigating this topic in depth. Would be interesting to see your opinion. Thanks.

  • Just like the kid I was bored the whole entire time 😴😴

  • That you both are fucking cute does not make the experiment sensible!

  • Kids have answers to everything but if you ask them to explain why they chose that answer they can't… got it.

  • So this is proof that when testing we can't just take a well thought out experiment and sprinkle in our own questions and rephrase the original questions.

    Experiments have protocols, these are important, if you don't respect that you just make the subject confused, and then your test is not valid and you don't get to conclude anything when you have no reason to think that the kid did anything else than just "say stuff"

    Can you define "science"?

  • Good job Jacob! Good luck with your studies!

  • Juvenile: What are the non trivial solutions for the Riemann zeta function?
    Kid: I don't know
    Juvenile: Ok, you are doing great.

  • This guy doesnt know how to talk to kids haha

  • My son who is almost three displays this egocentrism. I find it a little difficult to relate or understand this. I even feel it to be a little creepy. It makes him seem not quite human yet if that makes sense.

  • guys these questions werent testing the boy's knowledge, they were testing his stage of thinking (preoconventional, postconventional, etc)

  • kids understand things differently, the world has to be made sense of through developing their perspective through their own observations. the balls of sand were interesting; the child may not have the word to distinguish the two, while he can comprehend that the amount of sand is the same he does not however have the language to communicate that there is a difference in surface area taken up by the sand, so he uses the vocabulary he has saying one is more than the other as it is taking up more space. so it may not be that he fails to see that they are intact the same amount of sand, but he is trying to communicate how the Sands are different.

  • Anyone else notice the failure of the tester's cognition at 10:03 when he says the child "assumes the bigger container has more water in it"? When the child indicated he thought the glass had more. Egocentrism?

  • OMG even a 40 year old cannot answer that….morality n all..cute kid nice vid

  • Ask him about Quantum Entanglement theory why don't you lol

  • Though Jacob is making lots of efforts to study child psychology deeply, there is a wide scope of improvement in the type of questions he asks. Initially, the siblings' and robot-barrier concepts are interesting to hear but still, the husband wife case and Jimmy-Alex case is beyond the level of understanding for a four-year-old as differentiating between two humans with similar faults or between right and wrong is hard to understand for a small kid.The smart hypothesis presented by the bright child in Sun and sky relation was remarkable. The experiments using glasses filled with water, threads, pennies, and balls of sand portrayed a higher level concept though. Even the squares and donkey drawing was able to throw light on the understanding and attitude of young ones towards different things.

  • Well done.
    -psychology student

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