A Career as an Educational Psychologist (JTJS52010)

A Career as an Educational Psychologist (JTJS52010)

Fascinated by how children develop, Hayley Thompson from Onehunga High School is the perfect candidate to investigate the role of an educational psychologist. It’s a rewarding career that involves looking at how children learn and develop socially, emotionally and behaviourally and assisting them and their families where needed.

Hayley joins Ministry of Education educational psychologist Sarah McGregor to find out more about the job. Sarah will be taking her to along to review the case of an 11-year-old boy, Jake, who has some behavioural issues in the classroom. Together they start off with a visit to his mother to learn more about what’s been happening. This is an important aspect of what Sarah does because it’s ideal that the family are involved and everyone is working together. It also allows the educational psychologist to find out more about the routines and environment at home.

Sarah uses a variety of assessments to investigate Jake’s behaviour then calls an Individual Education Planning (IEP) meeting where a range of people involved with Jake from his mother to his teacher are able to discuss the next steps.

The opportunity to make a difference in the lives of young people and influence change is one of the positive aspects of this career. There are also continuous opportunities to learn and many areas to specialise in.

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