All credit goes to Addrienne Moffat, my A.S Psychology teacher ❤️

1/3 A LEVEL Advice videos (BAD BITCH EDITION)
Although the specs have changed, revision techniques have remained the same. So I hope you gus find this video useful. Of course, different revision tips work for different people, therefore it’s important you experiment with a range of ideas before finding out what tips suit you best. But remember, AS LONG AS YOU TRIED YOUR HARDEST, GIVEN YOUR OWN INDIVIDUAL CIRCUMSTANCES THAT’S ALL THAT COUNTS!

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  • whores are deceptive 😂

  • Can you please tutor me 😭😭😭

  • so glad to hear you got a C in A1 and still was able to get an A* in A2! I feel like this will be me, because my A1 psychology exam is tomorrow !!

  • Just did first AS psychology paper today – I thought it went really well. Wishing you the best for your Camb. exams Ibz xxx

  • I'm so scared I've been really, really ill these past few months and I haven't really gotten much revision/preparation in. My exams are a month or so away (except Psychology 1 paper – that's in 3 weeks!!). I'm so worried I won't do well because I've got such a short time to revise 😭

  • My man bowlby😂😂 I'm not gonna pass et al

  • Arghhhh this is soooo helpful! Thank you I'm still gonna fail tho

  • My Alevel exam is tomorrow and I haven't even started studying 👏

  • Not usually one for commenting but had to say that I was fully having a break down about Psychology because the amount of content stresses me so much and you have literally made me feel so much better … THANK YOU!! Love your videos too, they are so niche and relatable for students, as well you put everything across in such a great way, keep posting!!

  • thanks guys!

  • when you're up at 3am watching A level psychology advice, 5 hours before your English language GCSE….

  • she reminds me of rory gilmore!!!

  • Is it bad that i'm watching this 5 days before an exam? My individual circumstances mean that i've left it really late, i've done most of my essay plans i just have i think 4 for relationships left, they take me half an hour to write. Is there still hope? can i still get at least a B or am i tragically looking at clearing which by the way is not a viable option.

  • i'm gonna do psychology for my a levels and i'm already searching stuff about it at this moment jeeeez

  • Whores are deceptive

  • My school cancelled my psychology option for A level cos the school didn't have enough staff😭 this sounds so exciting fml

  • M8 this subject is piss.
    Do chemistry

  • You are my favourite person atm

  • Christina is so pretty, love u too ibz…..

  • this is sooo good love your videos!!

  • Anyone else starting this subject in September 2017?
    (there's actually a film on Milgram which helps! And a YouTube called Sara Hawkins I'm sure that's her name)

  • I did AQA paper A but it was the new spec. I got an A in AS and people asked me what I did but NOONE WANTED TO LISTEN bc it was "too much effort". If you want an A you do the MOST. I made nice looking (v important) concise notes after I finished the topic in class, i.e. Brief AO1 description, research studies, evaluation of 1 essay on 1 page. Near exams make essay plans for every topic (both research and research STUDIES questions). Then just print out loads of past papers, make it into a booklet and do them all and mark them, do the essays fully but don't spend too long on them. Then last minute revision: write every possible essay question and bullet point an essay plan without any notes, then add to it in a different colour, and you're sorted!

  • This is so helpful! I'm starting year 11 but I like to learn and practice things early 😂 im doing A level biology, English language, sociology and also psychology ( I hope )


  • Omg!!! Thank you guys soo much this is soooooo helpful omg

  • I can't finish my A levels, because I had a seizure at the beginning of this video. Good advice for my next incarnation though.

  • this is really useful, along with the sociology one, thank you so muchhhh it all makes sense now! YHAS!

  • Thanks so much for this, I'm starting A level psychology this year and it really helped. Except our school changed it so we dont have to write AS exams only mock exams.

  • 'For attachment it's my man Bowlby, it's my girl Ainsworth 😂😂😂 I always thought Ainsworth was a man tho haha

  • Hello I have tonnes of questions to ask you
    1)what is the best revision guide for as Levels?
    2)where can I get sample answers from the Internet?
    3)what content do the A2 papers consist of?
    4)what if a student wishes to give a composite exam? what will the combined paper pattern be?
    5)would you reccomend retaking an exam of as if the student scored only a d in as levels?
    6)which books contain information that is valid to the latest specifications?

  • Omg my name is Adrienne too!!

  • Does anyone know any psychology revision guides for edexcel that would be good for the new spec? (2017-2018)

  • What advice would you give for a student who is only taking it for AS? Is it worth it?

  • lol I'm meant to be doing AS and A2 both this year and have no idea how i'm going to survive the A2 class without any prior knowledge… goodbye social life

  • I'm doing my GCSEs next year and I'm planning ahead for a levels. I'm thinking of doing psychology but I'm going to be studying at home… I was wondering if anyone had any advice or suggestions? Is this a good idea? Is it hard to study psychology on my own? Thanks Xx

  • aaa I can't decide if I should do A level psychology or theatre studies with my biology and chemistry aaaaa


  • omg i'm doing psych, sociology and english lit AS level so thanks for this advice you are both so funny 🙂

  • I dont even do psychology but i figured i could use the advice for history or my other subjects

  • I'm watching this even though I don't even understand half of it since I'm American I just love Ibz's videos that much ahahah

  • i'm so confused lmao
    i haven't even done my gcse's yet but all ik is i want to take psychology for a level

  • I shared this with my entire psychology class

  • This video was made for me honestly I feel so much better about the subject now

  • Its a bit strange though caise I do A levels in Kenya and we do not fo all our exams at the end

  • Yaaass!!! AQA 😊

  • Holy shit whoa fuck i need this bc im on the route to failure atm

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