9 Psychology Facts About Attraction

9 Psychology Facts About Attraction

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  • I agree with smell, I'm crazy attracted to men that smell really nice, I can't help but go up to am and take a whiff lol. but the whole attracted to parents stuff? not for me

  • My dad is pretty old but my mom is pretty young… 🤔

  • edi

    What about all those who fancy people that are very different from their parents???

  • Cee-Cee, I can't believe you never told me you have a youtube account! Good job! I randomly stumbled upon this video. – From your fellow stand in on The Goldbergs.

  • you're cute

  • You have such a calming voice

  • Reluv, your info. was the best collection of entertainment I've experienced on YouTube. I just liked it. Thank you

  • I agree with smell and clothing ! 🙂

  • no ive never been attracted to the chubby guy when i was hungry. doesnt even make sence

  • +revlu what if you don't know what a parent looks like can u still be attracted to people like them.

  • those cheek bones though

  • The most attractive is be happy with yourself exactly as you are. We rationalize ourselves and others broken on appeal, as in this video, but the greatest art in life besides the on beauty oriented crazed society is, to find back our true identity, our authentic self. Nothing is more beautiful than peacefully be your true self. That's not easy in this so-called "socially engineered" society any more, but much, much, much more satisfying than simple low-cost lists and side issues as in this video!

  • Don't forget neoteny.

  • I'm repulsed by guys that look like my father I do like guys that are young and my parents were in their early 20's when I was born., so that's true. I'm carmel with green eyes and I'm mostly attracted to blond, blue eyes. No matter how hungry I'm repulsed by fat/heavy guys I like lean fit types without alot of muscle, no six-packs or belly fat please. I'm attracted by the way men natural smell without cologne.

  • When she said, chances are you will find a mate similar to your mother, at first I thought, No way! then I started thinking about it. I'm divorced now, but my ex liked to start fights, over dumb, menial things. Yep, just like my mother did to my father.

  • Your eyes are cute

  • I've found that a lot of these pop psychology pieces don't really mean much in the real world. Some people swear by them, though, because they represent the PC version of what people are allegedly supposed to be attracted to in the opposite sex, and a lot of people want to be seen as PC.

    But if you want to see what kind of guys REALLY attract women look at the covers of the most popular romance novels. And if you want to see what kind of women REALLY attract men look at SI swimsuit edition and Victoria's Secret ads. They put those pics on there for a reason–they want to draw customers to their products. That it works so well says a lot about what REALLY attracts women and men. But it's not PC so don't be surprised when it is denounced by the PC/SJW/feminists. lol.

  • I'm going to stop exercising & hang out in the break room to catch all the hungry women.

  • your attractive sorry had to tell you

  • Fuck I'm unattractive

  • if your stomach is growling out of hunger, and you look at someone with more meat on their body. doesn't that just mean you wanna eat them?

  • those sunglasses are kewl!

  • I know a guy who is a millionaire but he stinks and he is ugly as fuck and girls I mean beautiful girls eat the last drop of cum…. Females will lick the dirty floor for money…. is sad but true

  • u must be ovulating, cause u cute as hell!

  • My girlfriend reminded me of my mother (because of the shape of her face and head, even though they are different races) and I asked her to grow her hair because my mother had short hair.

  • love yourself and others will too

  • this fucking zipper head doesn't know what the fuck she's talking about

  • The Mum thing is wrong for me.

  • Oh my god, no wonder why people aren't attracted to me XD

  • so I'm looking for a starving woman on PMS who looks like my mom while I'm dressed like the KOOL- AID man, I'll pass but thanks for the heads up

  • I feel like there facts are taken form animals not exactly people



  • Interesting video! You're very pretty by the way!

  • Be attractive to men that resemble your father/mother is not sick. U all gonna have a better understanding if you educated yourself (before saying something about u don't know) and about human psychic.

  • Omg number 1 is true. My dad is 9 years older than my mum. And I am mostly finding myself attracted to guys around that much older than me

  • what about a girl who never met or saw her father?what if that girl doesnt deal well with her mother?

  • I've been doing research on attraction for a paper I'm writing and I've concluded that female attraction to men does not work on a 1-10 level system like men's does. Basically, what I've found is that for women, a man is either exceptional or he's not. What is exceptional could be just one thing such as extremely good looking, or extremely wealthy, or it could be a combination of things. But a man is either exceptional or he's not, there's no in between, there's no levels, it's either yes or no. Women are constantly in search of what is exceptional. They know it's rare so they settle for average but would leave a non exceptional man in an instant for one that is exceptional. They only can become attached to exceptional men. It all goes back to evolution/our biology.

  • My dad has me at a young age, but I'm attracted to older men. Also he's very light and I like someone more tan hm..

  • "There's nothing as attractive as two big beautiful eyes"…… said the Asian.

  • I couldn't stop starring at her mouth, and loved the way she talked. Quite an attractive woman, discussing attractiveness. the irony.

  • 04:10 I'm so hungry I could so go for a carni freak right now!

  • The Oedipus thing is bullshit. I can't even think about a woman who has curly blonde hair in a sexual way without feeling a little bit sick inside. I could NEVER date a girl who reminds me of my mom. Sorry.

  • If you parents are older you were born later than others because that could mean they were shy when they were young because their grandparents were also old but if they were older that means that is more chance that you are smart.

  • I always wach these vids when I'm high.

  • That chic is cute but she's full of bullshit! That is some made up shit!

  • i feel like this whole video is bs no offense

  • Every single one of these points were wrong for me.

  • Her "face ratio" SUCKS!! So I am unsubscribing.

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