7 Psychological Money Saving Tricks – How to Save More Money Each Month!

7 Psychological Money Saving Tricks – How to Save More Money Each Month!

Learning how to save money can be hard if you weren’t taught any great habits when you were younger. Spending money is a major factor that is affected by how our mind works, and knowing the psychology tricks behind this puts you a step ahead in the money saving game. I’m going to give you 7 psychological tricks you can apply in your life to save more money each month. When you go out to eat somewhere, or buy groceries, or just to buy things, try to use cold hard cash instead of a debit card or check. When using cash, you have an emotional attachment to the physical material paper. I also recommend setting up a savings account and having at least 5% of your earnings go directly to that account.

“If you can’t measure it, you can’t manage it” was said by the famous Peter Drucker, and it’s true. I started a monthly balance sheet around 6 months ago and it’s amazing to see where your money goes once you start managing it. Creating a budget and sticking to it can be difficult as first, but as you practice and stay persistent, that bank account will continue to grow each month.

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If you’re saving money because you want to buy something, you the best advice I can give you is to focus more on how you can increase your income. Simply focusing on how you can make more money will help dramatically more than focusing on reducing your expenses.

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  • If you live with parent you dont really need to concern about food, laundry, loan and groceries. But still my bank account is around $70…. Oh god why?

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  • Can someone help me ? I just turned 18 I have about 4,000 dollars saved up. Yes I have a job. I work Monday-Thursday (12 hours ). I don't pay any bills. And I'm trying to make a good use of this money I have saved up. What do I do ?

  • Hey, great video! Such a tricky subject. I have some tips on what to do when you have already run out of money on my channel. Would love to hear your thoughts xxx

  • its hard to save when your used to spending all your hard earned cash, even to remember to think about how long it took to earn each dollar, or pound, say around 8.5 to 10 or 12 units per hour. is the item worth the buy? that should be a no brainer if you manage to think about it on the spur! what you can do is to regularly reckon up your income verses your outgoings plus extras. generally its around a quarter for a better paid job & half to 75% for lower or national min wage paid folks! I worked out if I can manage to hold onto 500 per month starting from August I will have saved £2k by Xmas!! keeping in mind that every successful  2 months in between is another £1k! Once you get started it makes for a good game trying to keep it up!

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  • I subscribed,anyone else will do the same,you used psychology here as well.

  • My gf is the reason why I'm broke !

  • Number 1 tip to save money…. Dont spend money. Wow!! Who knew ?! You can buy my book on Amazon. If you are broke , use my number 1 tip to save up and buy my Ebook !

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  • Hey practical psychology i am an old fan and I watched your Channel grow but
    No one became rich by saving money. They became rich because they had a business. Investments. Real state. On the contrary if you make a lot of money and don't save it you lose it. So what to do best is to have multiple streams of income to increase your capital or money. Ty keep up the good work

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  • If you can't afford five of something, you shouldn't buy one of it.

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  • Incorrect: Savings accounts are one of the worst ways to save money. You have to take inflation into account, and time. Banks usually have a pretty pathetic interest amount, so you aren't REALLY making money. The banks will try to make it look like you are, but really they are trying to dupe you into giving them your money for the long haul.

  • best saving tips is starve, eat 1 meal a day , help me save money

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  • Forget all this… number 1: Only buy something you really need!

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  • formidable, cela est le deuxième vidéo que j'ai vu, mais c'est vraiment utile, j'ai déjà abonné à ton chaîne. bon continuation pour fera les vidéos.

  • Tip how to save money – HAVE A BIG SALARY.

  • I have a part time job and to help me save money I find something expensive I want and start saving towards it, Once I start getting close to being able to afford it I find something move expensive to start saving for. For example I'm into Over Under shotguns and they can be VERY expensive. When I started my part time job I started saving for a 2k shotgun and once I saved $1500 I went and found a $5,000 dollar shotgun. I soon realized that I didn't want to spend all that money on one thing so I just kept saving and saving. In my opinion the hardest thing is to get started because my mentality was "Why would I save $100 from each pay check, it will take forever to save a good bit of money" but once I started seeing my savings account grow I didn't want to let go of that money!!

  • Tip #1- Wipe your ass with your empty cereal boxes. Saved me 1000's

  • Guess I'm not the only one who messed up financially, and started to look for financial management videos lol

  • dope vid!

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