7 Psychological MANIPULATION Techniques

7 Psychological MANIPULATION Techniques

In our recent video on the seven ways you’re being manipulated every day we showed you how psychological techniques can be used to affect known human biases to get you to do some crazy stuff, like buying too many nuggets, and voting for complete morons.

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This is one of the most evil manipulation tactics which is commonly found in entertainment, politics and commerce, and it involves deliberately scaring a person before offering them relief and quickly making a request.

If you’re having an average day and you’re neither happy and energetic nor sad and lethargic, this is the period when you are the least susceptible to influence or manipulation.

Every group of friends contains at least one person who takes the role of leader, who suggests the best places to eat out, and who always seems to have the right opinion on politics.

Let’s say you want to cut in line at the store, and you’re contemplating how to ask the person in front of you to let you do that.

There are two televisions in front of you; one is a reasonable price and the picture quality looks good, the other is more expensive and apparently contains cutting-edge technology.

If I was to tell you that I had a pet goose named Cecil who could play the trombone you might not believe me.

This technique has nothing to do with either the Simon and Garfunkel song, nor the far superior cover version by the scary guy from Disturbed; it simply employs the use of complete and utter silence.


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