5 Psychology Tricks You Should Know About (in Hindi)

5 Psychology Tricks You Should Know About (in Hindi)

5 Psychological Tricks that you should know. These tricks are kind of life hacks that help you maintain your behavior and body language in such a way as to have the best result.

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  • Great and love from me 4k ooooooo

  • I know u are doimg everything for wellfare in social life ,please make a video on hindu muslim love and hate or effects of riots video.will be greatfull and this one is bombblasting content ever,work hard and upload it please i insist even it takes 2 or 3 moths to make it pure and influencing,if u have time then read it and try to understand my feeling and pain for these two relegion i dont my country will become seria.thanx

  • nice video didi

  • I will really chek others feet direction while talking…good1🙏

  • This is ridiculous….It automatically comes when you have confidence…

  • Thank you mam for this infomational and helpful video…
    Your video quality is increasing day by day….😊
    This five tricks definitely help me to hide my stupidness in getting new friends….
    Btw MAM , I WISH YOU A HAPPY DIWALI.🎆 may God bless you….:)

  • Extremely very good mam this will help me a lot day by day level of your videos going to be up and up in this video you are talking like perfect master of psychology too good

  • thanks mam

  • where do you get these content..

  • i like you you are very very intelligent

  • Hi plz meet up in vadodara.

  • ……..nice….. Di

  • 👍

  • wow point 3 is something new!! thanks Kaplish.😇

  • Thank You very much 🙂

  • Next topic: APJ Kalam Sir.. Motivational Video
    If Possible please make a video on this topic.

  • Kaplish talk your channel unacademy

  • Mam ap English grammar tenses ka video banao please aor board me likho

  • Mam you are so beautiful and cute

  • Excellent and well learned tricks. Thank you for sharing them with us and good luck for all your upcoming videos. Please upload as more such videos as possible.

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