5 Psychology Experiments You Couldn’t Do Today

5 Psychology Experiments You Couldn’t Do Today

In the past, some experiments were run in scary and unethical ways. From using children to unknowing subjects, these five experiments left people affected for the rest of their lives.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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Little Albert

The Monster Study

The Milgram Experiment

The Bystander Effect

The Stanford Prison Experiment

Wundt Research Group: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Wundt-research-group.jpg


September 11, 2016 / 50 Comments / by / in
  • I don't believe that it has changed. Studies are still unethical

  • I feel bad for those people

  • This is horribly edited; human speech has pauses between ideas, thoughts, and sentences. Other than to maintain the viewer's attention by constantly stimulating his/her auditory senses, there is no need to run all the sentences immediately following another. Maintaining the viewer's attention could be done with a nice, calming music piece in the background as the presenter spoke at a slower pace with fewer voice inflections and variations.

  • I really want to iron his shirt

  • I use these experiments as a guide to use when conducting business, I own a company that buys, sells and runs bars, restaurants and nightclubs. When I get to the point where I get to meet the seller I dress in an expensive suit, wear sunglasses to hide where I am looking and always make sure my head is directly facing them and present myself in a mannerism as a big executive (the company is still not big at all just got started) and portray myself as an authority figure, I have a recording device I set on the table in front of the person with a big red light on it and ask for things to get them to say yes to everything like take this pen or please sit directly in front of me, this is so when the real things come up they almost always say yes and I get to a place worth 200k to about 115k or less! I also use a clipboard even if there is a table because clipboards mean important documents and authority. This stuff is extremely powerful but at the same time I kind of feel conflicted………. The last one I had to pull out because the seller had a heart condition (why he was selling) and after starting he started sweating and you could tell his heart was pounding so I immediately stopped and took off the sunglasses and told him that I was going to think about it (I wasn't going to buy) and started telling jokes and making him feel at ease and by the time I left we was looking a lot better and he was smiling………imagine this on something like the gistappo…….. If I wasn't paying attention and kept applying pressure I could of killed him right there!!!!!

  • But in tge Milgram expirement they told the teacher after they refused or shocked the learner at the highest voltage three times in a row that it was a paid actor that wasn't actually getting shocked. Not unethical.

  • an there your reason why legal war an people like that should never been able to do no reason but murder

  • get a quantum knowledgest degree's

  • why disease quarentenz hazardous stuff still today

  • there is a decent dramatization of the Stanford Prison Experiment currently on Netflix if anyone is interested it's just called the Stanford Prison Experiment and is still available as of July 2017

  • The narrator needs to tone the cheer factor way down and stop minimizing the criminal nature and cruelty of these experiments. There is nothing funny about the fact that these were sanctioned by government and university officials alike and went on for decades. Also, these are far from the only ones.

  • Baby albert wasn just "affected" by the experiments. Watson fucked him up so hard, Albert ended up killing himself at age fifteen.

  • Interestingly enough when the person who ran the prison experiment learned of what happened in Abu Garub he found their behavior was virtually identical to his experiment.

  • You're the YouTube Dr.Spencer Reid

  • You think those experiments are bad? Try looking into Unit 731 and all the experiments the Japanese did on Chinese captive. For example, injecting live humans with animal urine and watching them die. Or using flamethrowers on live subjects.

  • People also mean Animals (vertebrates)

  • I would want to do the Prison one

  • What about the MK Ultra project ?

  • I have the foundations to a psycholohical hypothesis that will be very hard to test as there is pretty much 100% chance of irreversible "harm". Probably doesent help that I've only found out about this, after doing some meditation experimentation on my own mind. I will write it done and publish it.. But it's gonna be tough to proove whether true or not.

  • all experiments were taught in my course and i feel so proud learning about them. xd

  • Uhmm, no they didn't pair a bell with drooling, but the bell meant food, so the dog would think of food and THEN drool!

  • Before I begin, lemme guess. It has the Stanford prison experiment.

  • I can't be the only one who sees that the prison experiment was flawed from the beginning due to the homogeneous nature of the subjects, right?

  • Your scientist were so preoccupied with whether or not the could that they didn't stop to think if the should

  • Experiments are consistently cruel and unnecessary. The Psychology of Advertising seems to be the big research and top secret.

  • I'm wary of Christian Psychologist. A true Christian could never get through the schooling with all they would have to overlook.

  • seeing how an entire country would react to two planes crashing into skyscrapers in NY (sorry, the date this was published I just couldn't resist)((yes it is a tragedy and I'm not trying to belittle it))

  • Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment. THIS should've been on the list. Absolutely racist, and highly unethical study that toyed with the lives of many black men.

  • I think that in india the 5th experiment does not affect much on the people, and it reverses the effects compelitly..

    You can find The many videos on YouTube.. "police beaten by public india"

  • False. Pavlov used a metronome.

  • So youtube "social experiments" are breaking the rules bc they arent getting consent beforehand and mostly hurt/damage/negatively affect the person involved in the experiment

  • There is an unethical treatment still going today called rebirthing

  • I'm glad I have a really great therapist now.

  • The Milgram Experiment was done again not so long ago, but there were not as many buttons. Look it up.

  • The rules are good and all but here is my question: When you do not have to face punishment i.e for that prison experiment wouldn't that get rid ot some authority the guards have had? I mean if you make such an experiment for exact results you have to be as real to the reality as possible, right? I understand that the Professor should not have been the supervisor but to be fair the experiment seems kinda pure if you have to face punishment for your actions or revolts. I mean you have vollunteered for it at least.

  • Poor little Albert.

  • As horrible as these experiments are, they show how position in society affects how people treat others. The college students changed their behavior in a matter of few days according to what role they were given

  • The mind and the brain are NOT the same thing. Ask anyone who is both blind and deaf.

  • I honestly hate videos where I can see the person talking. I'd rather more visuals. Also his voice makes me wanna slit my wrists

  • Hctf

  • how are the milgram experiment and bystander one unethical. there was no physical or psychological harm, and it was really all up to the participants.

  • little albert was identified watch Dark 5's video on experiments its AMAZING

  • Wasn't the Stanford one partially acting? Some of the prison guards said they were deliberately copying characters in movies.

  • I would like to meet Watson, preferably when I'm half drunk and in a bad mood.

  • i have always wondered since the first time i heard of the stanford prison experiment, tha if the results proved it was inhuman then why is prison not considered so? if people who were not actual prisoners abused by those who weren't really in authority then how much worse do you think those in the real situation are treated? with actual prisoners the gaurds have reason to treat them bad as they are criminals and thus in the minds of the gaurds done something warrenting abuse

  • this video summed up my first half of my first semester of psyc so well

  • To be fair: The people in the Milgram experiment were right that nothing bad had happened.

  • What about the Tuskegee expirement?

  • He's wearing a James May Collection shirt hahaha

  • I read that the Stanford experiment was a farce. The guards were told to abuse the prisoners. They were told to escalate things.

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