4 Psychological Terms That You’re Using Incorrectly

4 Psychological Terms That You’re Using Incorrectly

At some point, you’ve probably heard someone use any or all of these four words to describe someone. But there’s a really excellent chance that person had no idea what these terms mean. But SciShow is here to help clear up some of these definitions, and explain why the weather isn’t schizophrenic, and how your ex probably isn’t actually a psychopath.

Hosted by: Hank Green
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The Misuse of Words Keeps Mental Health Stigma Alive

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October 30, 2014 / 32 Comments / by / in
  • Thank you!!!! I ligitimently get triggered when people say they have OCD, but the really don't. OCD is not fun!

  • So… vegas weather isn't bipolar??

  • fukkin schizophrenia might be rare but im actually diagnosed with it :/ not the katatonic but the paranoid kind of it.. fukking sux

  • Wasn't "Idiot" once a medical term? Like, wasn't that a thing at some point?

  • Even worse are bogus buzzwords that use psychology terms to imply mental health issues: insert any popular _-phobia you hear in the media this day and age.

  • I prefer to say that I am disabled. Not all of us like Person First Language thank you 💜

  • I mean my ex is a psychopath and my old neighbour was schizophrenic.

  • My friend has OCD, it's not too bad, but it affects her in ways like with numbers; she hates people counting to 9 and just stopping. She hates things being 'too' uneven as well; she once had to change lockers at my school because the stairs that were directly next to her locker (5m away) had the first stair 18cm from the ground on end, but 11cm from the ground at the other, and it caused her so much stress that she'd have to take the long way to most of her classes so that she'd be able to avoid going up those stairs.

    I had a locker that was further up the hallway and could be reached more easily from where most of her classes were without having to use those stairs, so I just switched lockers with her and submitted a request that the stairs be fixed over summer, not just because of her OCD, but because those stairs are the culprits of many girls falling down because the step should be higher up than it actually is

  • I have Bipolar Disorder and I hate when people use it to talk about the weather, or someone that is angry.

  • How about ADD, people misuse that ALOT

  • In other words, psychology is a very young science that has very broad terminology that confuses people. Patience everybody because the human mind is extremely complex.

  • i might can find an answer to this on google, but i'd like to know whats this channel answer going to be like.
    i have two condition.
    1. i always find a way to make myself looks good in anyone else eye, like observing things and help people what they need before they ask, talks carefully, acts what i didnt want to do, but i still do it everytime.its seems good. but i have my own problem because of it. i have a lots lose than prize in this behaviour. whats this action call and how to make me like less likely do it.
    2. i have and episode, i have no answer to this even from google. It's not ofthen, but regurarly about months range. so here's my episode. sometime i prevent it but mostly it happen. when it happen i kinda feel it, in 2-5 minute when i got it, everything around me got slower like super slow(expect one thing, that's is sound), but my speech and action are super fast, and its getting getting faster every second, one time i like it because i feel like flash, i tried running in that situation and its different from i usual run. but one time it's kill me, it hurt my head to the point like my head feels like exploding. this episode end in 15 to 20 minute. after that everything looks normal again, i dont have side effect on my psychology not until now. i just wonder if u can give me something to enlight this episode, whats happen there. and whats it's called.
    i wish someone can answer both in educational way. thank you.

  • The only times I've heard the term "Schizo" have been when Hank said them in this video and Crash Course Psychology.

  • Nobody is probably going to see this or even acknowledge it, but I think they should do a video about the differences between sociopathy and psychopathy, especially because they kind of made them seem like they are the same thing in this video, but they do have differences.

  • I have been diagnosed with vertigo. Not fear of heights (that's just survival instinct), but the resolution of the brain of the "wait there's a void but I don't sense that I'm falling why am I scared?" paradox by, instead of most people think "it's fine. You don't usually randomly fall for no reason. You're safe", the most more chilling version of "obviously it's scary, you're about to go down! either because someone's about to trip you or because you're gonna jump. Go on. Jump."

    It's a terrifying push and pull that drenches you in cold terrorised sweat in a fraction of a second. Doctors have said that it's considered a form of mild schizophrenia, as it usually appears in one's twenties. Like it did for me. Suddenly at 19, I had to flatten myself to a wall outside an underground parking garage entrance for fear that I would run and swan dive. (at least now I know things like that can happen to me and I can focus on avoiding or getting through it rather than wonder omg wtf is happening??)

    My question after this video is… So is it not considered schizophrenia anymore? Was I miss informed and it's never been? Or does it still fit in the wide spectrum of expressions of that disease?

  • Most times I've heard those words has been in reference to a woman. Go figure!

    Also, i don't think any amount of calling people a psycho will diminish the impact of actual psychopathy! Psychopathy isn't that uncommon to begin with, we probably meet them all the time without knowing it.

    Completely agree with the OCD part though.

  • Thank You for this video. I am one of those people who can't leave my home because of severe Social Anxiety Disorder. So many people use Psychological terms as throw away adjectives, which belittles the conditions' sufferers. When these terms are used for people who don't have the conditions, it tends to make it seem as though we all have a choice whether to be mentally ill or not. Too often, people think we can just decide one day to be well, and that isn't how it works. It can take medication, therapy and sometimes electroshock therapy to get to a point of even minimal improvement. Medication has to be adjusted or changed as the effectiveness diminishes, and an improvement doesn't mean you're cured, only that the condition is better controlled. Having a psychological disorder can lead people to view you with disapproval or fear. The more we understand each other as individuals and not just as a label, the better we become as a society. More research and treatment resource funding needs to be available to help those who need it, or who may need it in the future.

  • When people say "Antisocial" to describe not being a social person (Every Forensic Psychologist's pet-peeve).

  • Damn, I like that shirt.

  • but my moody sister actually IS bipolar ):

  • My depression is being M A R G I N A L I Z E D


  • The big one that pisses me off is "antisocial"… Just because I don't want to hang out with large groups of people doesn't mean I'm the sort of person who might kill you if I could get away with it. . . .

  • Psychopathy and Sociopathy are two different things.

  • One thing that people don't understand is that psychological disorders are only the extreme of symptoms. You may have compulsions to unnecessary certain things or occasional unexplained anxiety or even mood swings. But if those things don't interfere with your life and aren't causing you great distress, you're probably not going to be diagnosed with anything even though you can parallel some of your symptoms to psychological disorders. I have some obsessions and compulsions and sometimes get stuck in intrusive thought loops. But it's very mild considered to those that would actually be diagnosed with OCD. A lot of people are in similar positions.

  • Mental health professionals are such a bunch of 911's

  • i actually have most of them lol

  • Huh, I thought sociopathy and psychopathy were different things…

  • Peeps also misapply the term "passive-aggressive." It doesn't mean to alternate between passive and aggressive, but rather to be aggressive in a passive way, such agreeing face-to-face to do something your way and then doing it their way when you are not around.

  • Good messages, but people who usually talks a lot without actually knowing these terms usually the type that doesn't listen to others, and thus would probably just roll their eyes when being corrected.
    …and the people doing the correction would sound like stuck up know-it-all type

  • My psychology/ sociology teacher calls us "psychos" as a shortened version of psychologist. Everyone she says that I'm like "no, my amygdala is functioning just fine thankyou."

  • In another video, this guy said it was OK to misuse words.

  • Paranoid is a misused term and also overused. I am surprised that you didn't mention it.
    The first time I heard of manic depression was a song by Jimi Hendrix in the late 60's. I had to ask what it meant.

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