4 popular psychological life hacks debunked

4 popular psychological life hacks debunked

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Power poses

[37] Power Posing: Reassessing The Evidence Behind The Most Popular TED Talk


Benjamin Franklin
http://www.sexarchive.info/BIB/HTF/IA.htm – search for “Hastorf and Regan”



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  • 3:053:14 Don't you think they rated him higher just because they're nicer people (As evidenced by giving the money back)?

  • Well… to the first Myth

    If you hang around like a wet bag, you are likely to feel less good than being in a 'power pose' – how they named it did the rest. Shame on Ted talk and shame on Ted talk viewers for this in my eyes irrelevant 'talk' being so popular

  • Using money to disprove Benjamin Franklin's cognitive dissonance doesn't really apply. He asked for a book which is something of information and value, as well as other non-money related tasks that we align more with doing good for our friends than a job/research/assignment. Because it's not related to money and more of the vested cognitive interests of the individual, they are more likely to like you because they see that similarity with the ACTION of doing something for the person. When a simple money return/not returned situation is faced, it doesn't have the same cognitive involvement.

  • 3:13 Really they don't think that's a significant difference? That's pretty huge especially if the sample size was also large. It's almost like the difference between a 2.5 and 3.5 star restaurant on Yelp.

  • I hate my name. anybody who uses my name is trying to control me

  • Adding caveats is not the same as debunking.

  • 4 life hacks debunked – concludes number is correct :/

  • how can I turn off the annoying music?

  • So you claim 3/4 work, and yet you say they are debunked?

    You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means.

  • the teaching by electric shock is called the Milgram experiment

  • WHere is the debunking mofo??

  • We need more!!!

  • Even if these advantages are not as extreme as many people think, they are advantages and, since they have almost zero cost to implement, why not keep using them?

  • we want more

  • I think you think too much.

  • thank you

  • In the Benjamin Franklin one, did they take an initial poll before the experiment was performed? It sounds like this might be confirmation bias as it ignores the possibility that the people who gave the money did so because they liked the person more.

  • An engaging AND accurate title would have been "Putting Psychological Life Hacks To the Test"

  • So in other words…they all work.

  • Mentioning my name more than twice would probably make me think you're retarded!

  • Erm, doesn't the word "debunked" mean they've been proven false? But you've shown at least 2 are actually correct

  • Probably this, probably that, how is that factual? I am probably going to unsubscribe from this channel, actually I will in fact. 🙁

  • the jump from 5.8 to a 7.2 is actually pretty big. People like the number 10 better than 12. and in that case it jumps from a D rating to a B.

  • Debunked or Rephrased.

  • Look at the drawing in the placebo effect slide? Ha there are a bunch of random pictures. Braces on teeth?

  • Better dont go around asking for favors in order to make friend…if they say no, then they will reduce their cognitive dissonance by thinking "he's an idiot, that's why I didnt do him a favor"

  • Hearing the Benjamin Franklin effect​ in the list kinda sucks

  • Ugh… 'hacks'.

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