33 Psychology Tricks

33 Psychology Tricks

These are some tricks used in psychology by individuals to influence others into liking them, agreeing with them, buying their product … Please make sure to check out our audio illusion tricks as well.


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  • i once showed a chick i had a crush on a meme of us doing the nasty with our heads superimposed over pornstars and she fell for me afterwards lol

  • trick oh tree bear fuit but still good

  • I only clicked because the girls hot ass 😏

  • How about you just fucking live like you want to? :heh

  • this is crap. many use to work. but none of these work anymore.

  • 33 eh? 33 hmmmm… freemasonry anyone?

  • I don't like psychology that is used against others. There needs to be things you use on yourself.

  • why 33 ?? freaking masonic satanist !!

  • Clever. Yet, it is manipulation.

  • awesome video and the fact that people are actually leaving comments is another prove for the efficiency of these tricks – nice one

  • hi

  • PMR

    keep an eye out for a video that I will be releasing in the coming week about how to win the trust of anybody and how to be liked by everyone.

  • PMR

    I cannot believe how many comments there are about this video being seen as a way to manipulate people as opposed to ways in which two use psychological and sociological tactics to survive on a daily basis particularly in customer service and sales. Folks, this video is not teaching you how to manipulate people, it is merely giving suggestions on how to think tactfully and therefore Excel Beyond I cannot believe how many comments there are about this video being seen as a way to manipulate people as opposed to ways in which to use psychological and social logical tactics to survive on a daily basis particularly in customer service and sales. Folks, this video is not teaching you how to manipulate people, it is merely giving suggestions on how to think tactfully and therefore Excel beyond the expectations and grasp of those who are not in the know to further yourself.

  • Great stuff. Subbed immediately.

  • these are useless be yourself don't try to be like others don't pretend u know u can make better.good luck

  • I work in sales and what she said the reason for "rule of reciprocity"(6:44 secs in) was a HUGE misunderstanding of WHY you do that and WHAT IT DOES..
    I'm not gonna share what that is..but if you knew you'd realize that it was very obvious and should have been common sense. In fact lol it works for kind of the opposite reason…
    For anyone in sales and marketing listening and watching this a lot of what you see in this video is defiantly true, but you'll have to just do it yourself not take EVERYTHING too literally or even seriously…

    Some people can figure out that something works without understanding how or why…But if you do start to understand how and why you'll become a lot better at it and start making your OWN sales pitch or ad or whatever..

  • And sometimes when people do the "Laughing Attraction"(10:41 secs) thing they are doing it out of sarcasm..not everyone all the time, but sometimes. Like I said you have to analyze yourself and DON'T JUST MEMORIZE,but….actually analyze and start thinking about these things yourself..

  • This is a good example of "lying by omission"…

    1. Original Sin: The “Knowledge of “GOOD” & “EVIL” was a WARNING to NOT JUDGE (or know) "Good" from "Evil." That is why Adam & Eve hid in FEAR OF GOD after “eating the fruit." They were naked before. But now they hid in fear.

    They teach us that God punishes us for seeking "Knowledge". (Period!)
    Oh gee, we'll just throw that out and make people FEAR GOD!

    Omitting parts of God's word is one of the worst sins!

    How many people live in FEAR OF GOOD and JUDGMENT and believe it's "normal" to do so?

    What will it be like when they try to enter heaven?
    They will create a "hell" of self condemnation and Fear.

    Because Heaven is similar to a Lucid dream, where desires, thoughts and fears manifest.

    The Satanic Illuminati want us to stay in Hell.

  • Hearing your name is the most pleasing sound to humans. Use someone's name every chance you get.
    I met a guy once and was instantly attracted to him. I couldn't figure out why since he wasn't really my type. The more I though about our conversation I realized he kept saying my name.

  • That ain't nothin.

    Just ask any hooker.

  • As I enter the room in a cheerful and excited way..
    Me: I need your help. (said with confidence and doesn't break eye contact)
    Person: Sure, what is it?
    Me: whispers "Rob the bank for me"
    Person: Yes, Master.

  • why don't you make videos with 10 points .. psychologically humans are not tend to grasp info once at all

  • Again, they ignore the fact that when someone is left handed their eye movements are completely opposite. This difference is why teachers used to tie children's left hand down if they were left hnded, yet this self proclaimed expert fuels bigotry through her ignorance. By these standards left handed people cannot be trusted.

  • Doggy-style the girl in the thumbnail

  • When I learned to master those uncomfortable silences and how to use them I could close just about anyone. They say in sales seminars, 'after the closing question, the first one who talks loses.' Very powerful.

  • Now I know, why some people (politicians or advertisement) look so fake. They fill their speeches with these "tricks". To trick people.

  • Trick number 34, at 3:50 use then instead of than and hope no one notices 😉

  • why 33 why not 30 or 38 why a Freemasonry number?

  • This video should be titled: "How to manipulate people into giving you their resources."

  • has anyone ever met some one who does stuff like this and realized it then was like i wish this person would stop that? wow! this person must not trust me… wtf? am i over whelming?
    (just be honest… be good) what a 🎮

  • More or Less the Skills NLP teaches to it's practioners

  • IAM

    ONLY "33", aww hell naww man!

  • interesting that's what I love about science it's all around us

  • I shall get paid for my talents and abilities

  • have used the head nod. Didnt know about some of these others. This is informative.

  • How do you get blood stains out of drapes/curtains? I can't take them to a dry cleaner….ummmmm my car iis out of gas….and I'm kinda in a hurry…

  • suggestion based on common knowledge i guess. its not named. example….. if the state proves its case beyond a reasonable doubt than by all means vote guilty. its your job. if the state does not prove guilt beyond all reasonable doubt then you have no other choice than to…..(they instantly think not guilty) do your job. another great one for sales and for juries is the majority of humans feel a sense of justice/injustice, right/wrong, good/bad etc. in this case start with the deception submitted by the powers that be. next state a simple point they would agree with and state the wrong in letting the other side win. example- this case started with a lie, its about control….. don't let it end in an injustice. sales example- your insurance company built its multi-billion dollar business off of taking premiums and then denying legitimate claims, they know most people won't fight them. they control you by placing your agent as your friend (do not demonize your proxy) but they only know what they are told. you deserve more than what they are offering. you payed for it. (offer your specific services) i can help you get what you deserve. (empathy, pity and isolating yourself as the only savior) now let me help you and all i ask is you let me Fight for what you have Earned. (i just played on several emotions there. good luck fellow manipulators

  • Why am i watching video's about manipulating poeple

  • 33k subs and 33 psychology tricks haha lol

  • the language of the mind and how to program it is amazing, these neurologist tricks are great

  • This is like serial killer 101.. Pretending to be someone else to trick people into trusting you.

  • As above so below thumbnail

  • anytime a woman speaks, she lies!!

  • Why would I want to go out and mess up peoples counting?

  • this is great really good vids –

  • C K

    1. Lying by omission
    2. Nodding hypnosis
    3. Eye contact
    4. Confidence master
    5. Eye language-looking direction
    6. Anchoring effect
    7. Random numbers
    8. Contagious excitement
    9. Self-point
    10. Away-point
    11. Choice framed request
    12. I need your help
    13. Creating a vacuum
    14. Whisper hypnosis
    15. Building trust
    16. Winning debates
    17. Keep the fractions
    18. Go big
    19. Creating scarcity
    20. Rule of authority
    21. Rule of reciprocity
    22. Presuppositions
    23. Pacing and leading
    24. Vanishing negative
    25. Asking the right question
    26. Embedded commands
    27. Daily cost clause
    28. Re-think stress
    29. Aversive conditioning
    30. Sleeper effect
    31. Laughing attraction
    32. Building likeability
    33. …

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