3 Steps to Stop Bad Habits (தமிழில் உளவியல்)

3 Steps to Stop Bad Habits (தமிழில் உளவியல்)

How do we stop bad habits that hinder our growth and lead a happy life.

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Hi I am V S Jithendra am a Psychologist and a Leadership Trainer with a PhD in Psychology having 6 years of experience. I am also a Music Composer with 8 years of experience. Please visit my website where I have listed the various things I do. Thanks for your time !

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November 19, 2015 / 30 Comments / by / in
  • tnx sagoo

  • Really super will try to follow

  • nice sir

  • Nice bro try to change stop my bad habit

  • thanks bro

  • Super

  • Super useful information

  • Super bro

  • Thanks Sir. You are doing good work.

  • HABIT avoiding by
    H avoiding it A BIT will
    HA avoiding it BIT will
    HAB avoiding it IT will
    HABI avoiding it T will
    T means TAIL will.
    HABIT avoiding not easy

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  • super bro

  • Thank you


  • superb sir

  • Thanks for your tutorials…

  • hi bro,

    I'm having bipolar disorder , and I'm taking treatment homeopathy, over imagination is coming, I'm working I Chennai ,some times I'm thinking about my house automatically.. I'm feeling I'm discomfort with out of my native..I have crossed 28 .. I'm feeling I'm not fit tomarriage because this over thinking.. and keep on going and coming.. like 5 to 7 times on same place going and coming.. everyday struggling every morning.. please help

  • Highly recommended Video

  • Use full grateful 🙏

  • Sir Nan nail cut panna mattaen instead of atha kadichu thuppiruvan … how to control this..

  • thanks bro

  • Great Bro. I try to stop bad habits with these ideas. but I can't stop to talk my friends I try to change them also.

  • Sir can you upload a video on avoiding shyness

  • Thank you so much sir. It's so useful to Mt to change my unwanted habits

  • Bro thank you, i try to control my cough syrup addict..

  • Good work sir…

  • Thanks to encourage

  • Very Clear Explanation.

  • Bad word pesuratha nirutha muyatchi Panna poran thanks

  • Thank super teaching

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