25 PSYCHOLOGY HACKS to Control (Almost) Any Situation

25 PSYCHOLOGY HACKS to Control (Almost) Any Situation

Did you know that there are simple psychology hacks that can help you take control of almost any situation? These psychology hacks are about to blow your mind! We present you with 25 psychology hacks to control (almost) any situation.

Once you learn these psychology hacks, you’re going to be surprised at how easy it is to hack your way to a better and easier life. See our full list of 25 psychology hacks to control (almost) any situation (and our photo credits and sources) and be sure to leave us a comment on the video to let us know which of these psychology hacks you are going to start using today:


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On today’s psychology hacks video, you’re going to learn how to deal with angry customers by using a mirror. Their reaction is epic! You’re also going to learn a simple hack to calm you down when doing nerve-racking things (everybody could use this hack)! For those of you who are dating, you’re going to know how to make sure your first date is a complete success! We’re also going to show you how to make sure everyone that sees you, gets genuinely excited to see you. All these and more great psychology hacks are found on today’s list of 25 psychology hacks to control (almost) any situation.

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“Crate Digger” by Gunnar Olsen


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  • Hi mike with list25

  • Subtitles please:))

  • I feel like Obama did #4 a lot

  • okau but can any of this make my crush like me

  • Rocket: Do you know why I stole the batteries? BECAUSE i WANTED TO.

  • Can I touch you on your ass? Because it would make me happy.

  • Thanks. Lesson learned. Never trust anyone.

  • Omg that debate thing where you don't tell them your stance is genius, I'm totally gonna use that

  • The number 12 is true

  • Nice video! :3

  • im listening to this to try to control my 3 year old

  • talking too fast

  • I control people through mk ultra beta sex kitten programming and it works like a charm. Trauma based mind control baby.

  • Who the fuck goes sky diving on the first date


  • I have done nr 3 to get my food faster at a fast food joint. Because I was in a hurry. So I need my order fast. It works

  • wow

  • 19 is savage😂

  • I think with the chewing gum thing the reason it calms you is because its similar to fidgeting and its nice to have something else to do.

  • How you handle it when you pee on mommies dishes

  • Good stuff.

  • 19 not if that person hates their name

  • 23 wasnt clear can you give an example

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