24 Psychological Effects of Attraction

24 Psychological Effects of Attraction

Everything either seem beautiful or tragic.

Have you ever wonder what happens psychologically when you fall in love or develop attraction for someone? This video goes into 24 psychological effects of love attraction! Attraction facts, everything about attraction that you need to know.

Feel free to comment below which of these have happened to you.

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March 26, 2017 / 36 Comments / by / in
  • People are scared to be lonely

  • 1:16 though.. truth

  • Psych to go i have a intinacy problem with little girls can u find out what is wrong with me

  • Watching this video confirms my suspicions.
    I have never felt love in the 18 years I've been alive.
    (Love to a family member doesn't count.)

  • Reasons why you should have a waifu:

    1. You have love
    2. You get these cool perks from the video
    3. No need to experience heartbreak!
    4. She can be literally who you want her to be
    5. Anime girls, nuff said

    Sadly though…there is one thing that will forever ruin waifu's

    1. She is not REAL

  • Sometimes I don't want to fall in love

  • I'm gonna be forever alone

  • misleading title… I've fallen for it AGAIN, thinking it was about just being attracted to someone, while in reality it's more about being in a relationship and such

  • I need to fall inlove again…who will be it…it will have a bad year…<3

  • ───────▄▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▀▄▄

  • When I first started dating my best friend, I had an anxiety attack. I was so scared I'd mess it up… But after a few days, we started acting as we normally would, but just with added physical contact like holding hands or being closer than usual. She and I feel bad for those who didn't start out as best friends at this point. We could tell each other anything.

  • i always talk in we tense tho, regardless if im in love or not

  • Attraction makes me feel like a zombie. They never like me back so I feel dead inside.

  • too bad im asexual lmao

  • Fuck you, Adrenaline.

  • Nr. 9: blahblahblah just fall in love

    okay will do that tomorrow.

  • LPG

    Why do i have 99% correlation on 3 diffrent vids including, Anxiety, this and S/H

  • fuck love. it causes harm. lots of harm.

  • Basically falling in love and doing drugs are almost the same thing. You do it, get high off of it, and then possibly ruin your life later. That is, if you're unlucky and love didnt work

  • Hey what's the song in the background

  • Once is enough. Never again!

  • What if It's a one sided love

  • I'm fucking gay

  • Thankfully, i'm an introvert
    I take time

  • Man, sounds like a good time… At least I can shitpost like a god.

  • I am officially a feminist, love doesn't exist.

  • I love this channel, i fells identify

  • I'm always alone so when I think of love I think of pain and I become depressed because I think I don't deserve love….

  • Never been in a relationship ,don't know why I'm torturing myself with this 🙁

  • Lmao #3 what if love is the reason why you have mental illnesses XD

  • Lmao I remember when 2rejectuons made me "emo"

  • 👏🏻❤️👏🏻

  • Whats so scary about an on-of switch

  • I never fell in love or liked anyone. Each time somebody likes me and i notice it, or when they ask met to be their "girlfriend", its like an alarm in my head going crazy, like if it wanted me to think love is dangerous.
    I just dont like the thought of love. Its something i think is too weird to me. And not nice. I dont like the idea im female. The whole consept of love, attraction, gender, sex and other stuff is just something normal, but kinda scary to me. I feel a fear of the feeling "love", (but not like the kind of love we feel to our parents or pets if i could say so, but the other type of love.)

  • "you don't need drugs to experience it, just fall in love" okay i'll wright that on my to-do list for tomorrow

  • Can confirm…..

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