2015 Personality Lecture 06: Depth Psychology: Carl Jung (Part 01)

2015 Personality Lecture 06: Depth Psychology: Carl Jung (Part 01)

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Carl Jung was a great psychologist of symbolism. He believed that the imagination roamed where articulated knowledge had not yet voyaged, and that it was the artist and visionary who first explored new territory, civilizing it, in essence, for those who came later. The study of Jung makes the dead religious past spring back to life. Want to support this channel?

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  • Incredibly valuable lecture.

  • Mr.Peterson,
    I'm curious. How long ago did you read the works you referencing. I'm assuming you read them within months of each other or you read them [gulp] at the same time. You gained understanding so you are still scared. You should be. All should be. What you are fearing is a real danger and it is dangerous for the World, All of Us.
    I implore you, keep talking and posting it on the system. It is helping.. Please, keep helping.

  • Great stuff with the cartoon films. I wonder if you analyzed, or if Jung has, Homer's "Odyssey"? Pinocchio is like an odyssey and him becoming a jackass is similar to what happened to Ulysses' men on Circe's Island. I think it would be great for a Jungian analysis.

    For me the Orpheus myth is a great source of wisdom for musicians. Artists can only bring back a shade, a rendering, an imitation of what they love and not the real thing. Orpheus descends into Hades, the subconscious, but can never bring back his true love. That's why this world is never complete, why drug addiction allows for escape to another world, why the artist has one foot in this world and one foot in the grave.

    Once Orpheus turned back to look at Eurydice, he has become like Lot's wife: a pillar of salt, Immovable with no future. And his tragic fate is to be torn apart by the Bacchae, almost like schizophrenia. So for me that myth is like a today's character profile of the musician… human wisdom distilled and crystallized into a myth.

  • Ah, the problem of love… (you'd think love is the solution rather than a problem). Yes, love can overpower you and make you love someone who is not good for you. This is when you can act foolishly, if not fatally. So that is why love needs to be controlled. You have to will yourself to be Venus' master; otherwise, you'll become the modern day version of Romeo and Juliette or Anthony and Cleopatra. You have to be the master of your house, or the guests will want to takeover and control you. I don't think you can vanquish the guests and they still exert an influence on you (e.g., carrying a torch for someone) possibly for the rest of your life. But it essential that you rule you're domain.

    This is why the ego has to be strong to withstand what is coming up through the floor boards of consciousness. God knows what monsters lurk in the id. In someways I can't buy into the Buddhist notion of destroying the ego. The ego is there for a purpose — for your survival and to protect your identity.

    This is one video lesson that I'm going back to and mulling over. I'm planning to watch your whole series because I suspect there is a lot of wisdom and practical knowledge. I'm glad you are giving that to your students.

  • The eating unconscious as well… AGREED.

  • What is funny about Jung is, that if i am not wrong, in his 40, maybe sooner he had everything. He said, I have reached everything one can reach – money, respect, wife and family, big house, success in my job; now i have everything, but i feel i want to look after something more, deeper. Why i say it is funny, because probably most of or many people will not reach saturation of all desires moreover at age of 35-40. So it is kind of special situation. Although one saying says that most unhappy is a man whose all dreams came true.

  • Can someone explain the Jiminy Cricket thing??

  • Dr. Peterson, I would love to hear your views on the occult and particularly on left-hand path spiritual systems and practices, as this is something I don't think I've really heard you mention before. I have heard you talk about the archetype of Satan or the adversary, but you seem to always have a negative view of it, which I totally understand when applying certain mythological interpretations. However, I'd like to ask if you're aware or have read much about these left-hand path systems which actually use the Satanic archetype as a symbol of individual autonomy, of Lucifer as a light-bringer, giving knowledge of the self to mankind, and more particularly how many people upon these paths use dark symbolism for the very purpose of integrating their shadows and for acknowledging the darkness within us, rather than denying or sugar-coating it which many 'lighter' religions and spiritual systems often do.

    Truthfully, many people on these darker paths have used them for hedonistic and selfish means, but I would say that actually goes against the true essence of those philosophies as they often do not really integrate or make their lives better. I'd be interested in what you think about using traditionally negative archetypes in such a way and if this can provide meaning and value just as authentically as other religious means.

  • Dude…. mind BLOWN

  • Jordan, slow down, please, good Professor!!! I have garnered more wisdom in listening to you for 3 min than I have in the last 3 years! But break it down for me, amigo!! I'm 35 and every word you utter RESONATES!

  • Regarding how much self-esteem you should have: "You shouldn't think you're more competent than you are. You shouldn't think you're less competent than you are. You should think you're AS competent as you are." So simple, so sensible… and yet, so ignored by the majority.

  • it is better to know what it is that you are doing than to benefitting from what you are doing.

  • I love his little smile at the end when everyone is clapping. I'm going to uni next year and Jordan was one of the people who has helped me make the decision after ten years of working.

  • Ian

    "Anti-depressants don't help you if you're at the bottom of the dominance hierarchy. How could they? You're not depressed. You just have an awful life. That is not the same thing."
    -Jordan Peterson…why on earth are you not more famous and wealthier than Oprah??

  • Ian

    Jordan Peterson is our Canadian Rick Grimes, and he's got his gun back.

  • I truly feel privileged to be able to hear you speak in such great lengths for free. Thank you so much!

  • "Here's one way of looking at the collective unconscious. What does it mean to have a God of War? Or Venus the Goddess of Love?Or sexual attraction, more particularly. Or sexual possession which is even a better way of thinking about it. So you'd say why would people conceptualize such phenomena as Gods? The Greeks said that humans were the playthings of the Gods. (sorry that was Shakespeare who said that)

    Well Here's one way of thinking about it- What's older? You or aggression?And the answer to that is, well, you're 23. And the system that mediates biological aggression in mammals and their progenitors is tens of millions of years old. And if you think you control it rather than the other way around you're deluded about your central nature. Part of it is athat you don't control it at all. What happens is you don't go anywhere where you need to use it. And one of the things that happens to soldiers on war time for example is they go somewhere where they could use it and out it comes- and the consequence of its emergence is so traumatic they develop Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, because they observe themselves to be doing things that are hyper-aggressive cause they never imagined that someone like them could have manifested.

    And then you think well what about Venus as a Goddess. Well if you fall in love with someone- is that a choice? It doesn't look like a choice. If it's a choice it's often a self destructive and idiotic choice and it's often one that ruins people's entire lives. It's more like a state of possession. And then you might say- possession by what? Well it's a dynamic living system! And it's also immortal in some sense and that's another reason why conceptualizing it as a deity makes sense"

    Blew my mind. And this was only 12 minutes into the lecture.


  • Great lecture! Can someone please explain to me what happens at 1:04:001:05:35 bending down and coming back up rubbing the nose LOL…

  • So, how does one differentiate between reality and illusion.

  • Man, Nietzsche nailed the Snowflakes/Moonbats over a hundred years ago!

  • +Jordan B Peterson Is it wierd to find these ideas as self-evident? My brain never shuts up, so i have constantly thought about who I am, what part of me is actually "thinking" and why does my perception change from moment to moment… of course I had no reference to the proper terminalogy or even the abstract codification into a dominance hierarchy of ideas, but still watching your videos is like being trapped in a Twighlight Zone episode. I love it!!!

  • I wanna start reading Carl Jung,which book should i start with ?

  • shaaaaaaaamannnnnnnnnnnnnnn taooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • this guy s as crazy as R. D. Laing was.

  • i find Pinocchio as a 'Archetype ' for fascism somewhat bizarre. Peterson focuses to much on the Americanized Disney version instead of the original Italian background.,at the turn of the nineteenth century. Though Peterson is a good teacher .His tendency to project his own philosophy on work of (for example) Jung and Nietzsche, is sometimes quite strong.On the other hand does it makes him a entertaining teacher, who's lectures will stick quite well to young minds

  • My family was Hindu for thousands of years but four generations back we became Christian and I lost my faith and I've been a wanderer ever since. I guess I lost my father.

  • Did he literally just prove the existence of god as a being created through the collective unconscious' selfish gene, a being more powerful than humans, creating, like ants forming together, a greater amalgamation out of the whole? is god just a culture dreaming?

  • "The things that direct you as a being are not things that you consciously choose." 54:20. Yet Peterson disagrees with Sam Harris over free will.


  • We already do create the values and we always have. Where do you think religions got their values? People. We thought them up. Relativism has basis in reality, but it has little to no utility, meaning little to no value in using to determine constructive behaviors towards well being of both individuals and the collective. Think about what we've changed on our own from what the main religions touted: slavery, equality among cultures and sexes, rape as a crime, homosexuality as natural, from supernatural to science… Islam and Christianity still get these wrong based on the evidence of what constitutes healthy mental and physical paradigms. Our morality changes as we learn more about what has utility and what does not in terms of well being for the human condition. It will continue to be this way. Relativism gives us a space to look at in which nothing is relevant, meaning it shows us it has no value as a way to see the world. It's philosophy or lack of it gives us a starting point… "Well nothing matters in the long run, but… That doesn't matter because what's happening now has consequences now as pain and pleasure. These are unavoidable experiences and as such, causes towards the effect of change and action in one way or the other.

    Basically, relativism is a contradiction as it states nothing means anything and nothing matters, which means the idea itself means nothing and doesn't matter. So, why would we take seriously as idea that doesn't mean anything? Exactly. We shouldn't.

  • Read The minds of Billy Milligan.

  • These lectures are gold…

  • This is great. For anyone who wants to explore this stuff in details try exploring Jung's Active Imagination models. If you keep a dream journal you can explore your own subconcious metaphors and archytyps.

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