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Today, we here at Bright Side have gathered together some of the most interesting psychological facts that will not only give you a meaningful perspective on how you see the world, but they will also help you to reach out and understand the people around you better.

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June 2, 2017 / 44 Comments / by / in
  • i always have nightmares of falling..

  • Hm, I don't think I've ever had a nightmare about falling.

  • THANK's

  • In all honesty, what helps me connect with people and understand them is all linked to their eyes. You can tell literally anything about a person by looking into their eyes. I've been this since I was extremely young and I adjust my outward behaviors according to what I see in their eyes. And my world view has not changed. I still believe the world is a beautiful place. It's the people within the world that make it seem to cruel, my friends.

  • My nightmares allways involve taking a test, reading the questions and not knowing what they mean and how to answer 🙁

  • TJ

    omfg her voice is annoying

  • 👍

  • it's sad that I am suffering from depression but going out side and exploreing does help

  • my most common nightmares is my death
    usally by drowning

  • the voice for the video is nice. I loved it. Thanks for video.

  • 7. way to ruin love. Thanks… ironically this youtube channel is called the BRIGHT SIDE😡😡😡😡

  • wowww

  • I am a dreamer but i never recall a dream in the morning i guess i do them while awake

  • I didn have any of those nightmares xP

  • to understand people I show them respect and love and eye contact! from there u can get a glimpse of someone's true self from how they react

  • Really good video.

  • Made by dumb people, for dumb people.

  • I India we speak so many languages

  • tfw your nightmares are all stairs but you're not scared of em

  • I only have falling, but for some reason I love when it happens so I don't consider it to be a nightmare.

  • a good facts. keep on posting!

  • The music is too loud, there are moments where I can't here woman's voice clearly. Next time make the background music less noisy. 😊

  • 3:40 look at the guy with the american flag and indian flag…you can neither speak indian nor american….really doesn't substantiate their fact.

  • #1. So that is is one of the reasons why a car salesman will offer his customers a free soda when they are talking about actually purchasing the vehicle. Now I know.

  • That's why Antakshari as a game is so popular in India;)

  • Sdscdcdcfvdvdv vd

  • That is disgusting the masks thing not necessary creepy

  • This was amazing

  • I have never had any if those dreams Is that bad

  • 4:02 'According to scientists love can be compared with obsessive compulsive disorder.' Are you serious? From the bottom of my heart and for the good of mankind I really hope the narrator is just kidding! Otherwise, the human race would be doomed to constant anxiety and then – extinction. Because if love were like OCD no one would ever want to fall in love at all. Obsessive compulsive disorder is often misunderstood. It's not fun, neither for the suffering person himself nor for his family and friends. OK, sometimes it is fun when you are dealing with OCD using humour, not everything is black. And OK, it was a metaphor. However, comparing such feeling as love to the feelings caused by obsessive compulsive disorder is just well, ill-considered.

  • when ur in love u behave like a mentally ill person… ABSOLUTELY

  • I have weirder dreams about finding vampires, frogs and other exhilirating dreams.

  • I forget the things I want to write about

  • recalling with eyes closed does not have effect on blind people.

  • cool facts, but not all are true

  • when you want to go to the bathroom you take decisions faster, but the time doesnt pass by faster…

  • This works. I'm now viewing the world in a completely new way. Like, COMPLETELY new way. Thanks Bright Side!

  • Close my eyes when I drive so I don't get distracted by the other cars.

  • healthy body .. healthy mind… so keep your body healthy much as you can.. brain and mind will automatically boost up…. 🙂

  • To dominate your opponent
    To dominate your opponent
    Talk in a calm voice

  • Randomly starts thinking about BTS and starts fangirling

  • Dumb

  • Dream of losing my tooth is my nightmare

  • But I speak to languages for like five years since 2012. I am from Kuwait. So I speak to my cousins and Mom Arabic. But when I'm at home with my brothers and dad I speak English but I'm more comfortable with English

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