*1536* Pillow talk (8) with Rachel. Spiritual psychology and relevant subjects.

*1536* Pillow talk (8) with Rachel. Spiritual psychology and relevant subjects.

In this video Rachel and I speak about when I was in jail, what is wisdom, spiritual psychology, self study, self actualization, rationalizing our own self judgement, the issue I have with the Marilyn Manson/Johnny Depp video ‘I say Say10’


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  • Rachel Reenstra – For some odd reason, your mention of your parents forgetting you at summer camp really struck me. What an experience! I tried hard to think of how I could possibly turn that terrifying scenario around into an opportunity. What to do?

    Imagine,….instead of the movie, "Home Alone", you have "Summer Camp Alone", where a young Rachel is left behind at summer camp and befriended & raised by woodland creatures! They could have awesome adventures together, such as breaking into the small town 7/Eleven to steal candy bars and defeating the evil poachers by setting elaborate traps for them at the camp!

    You could've scooped and captured the box office proceeds from both the relatively recent "Home Alone" and "Open Season" (and maybe even the earlier "Tarzan" and ""Jungle Book") franchises – and likely ended up with a made-for-TV series or a Saturday morning cartoon show!

    Had you been able to actualize that opportunity, you'd be living Free and Easy now off of syndication royalties. Ah, what could've been…. ;>{)>

  • All I ever wanted was Love cuz someone once said that it was enough and you still have so much to prove you're gonna go back to LA to be in the movies well the vitriol that everyone spews it's left me with only the truth, baby we're everyone's fools and I don't want to be abused

  • <3

  • Rachel can you stop a second… Breath…… Stay still pls. Do you meditate

  • The Pillow Talks get better and better 🙂 i wish both of you a awesome day.

  • "93 million miles" to the SUN OF GOD means everything. 93 is the number of Saturn.
    The number of time. The big clock. The giver of life. PROOF the world is coded by the Kabal. All information withheld. Learn why you´re RIGHT about the fact that we only know what we were told:

    Look at "Thelema"… They say "93" to each other for hello and goodbye. Like "Aloha!"
    Why ask why? Why to SAVE ALL LIFE OF COURSE! "Who cares?" That´s what Noam Chomsky said about 9/11. Fuck that! … And WHILE I´M AT IT : Fuck Noam Chomsky,
    Co-Intel Gatekeeper to the psuedo-intellectual stars of the Antiliterati!

  • The "refrigerator of life" metaphor is brilliant, however @ 41:00 … I WISH! …
    Sadly, it´s too late. They are coming fast. They are coming hard and you two know it.
    Santa Rosa? Porceline, if it could burn, would need 6000 degrees F.
    They threw out the Laws of Physics on 9/11. (Forget Habeas Corpus!)
    There will be no Awakening. There will be no Jesus. We need adults who can stop them in their tracks. No cooperation. No more capitulation. I hate to say it but we´ll save them from themselves.
    **(You guys are great. You should have your own T.V. show! Unfortunately, then I´d have to turn you off.)

  • I´ve decided to help you blast the word "understand" off to the Eternal Lunar Cycle with Bozos, Musky and Sirgay packed in the nose-cone… "INNERSTAND" it is!

    (Don´t forget that THUMBS UP, COMMENT AND BITCH BUTTON you lazy bastards!)

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