13 Psychology Tricks That Work On Anybody

13 Psychology Tricks That Work On Anybody

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Every human being is a unique universe. However, psychologists keep discovering new behavioral patterns that are believed to be rooted in our childhood and can be applied to everyone. Do you want to learn how to make people respect you and listen to you?

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July 20, 2017 / 47 Comments / by / in
  • I liked the last one I'm going to ask for a pen…xD

  • I yawn all the time because I'm bored out of my skull

  • no one

  • i dont lend my pen to anyone. because they re special to me. I buy new one instead for my friend.

  • i can think of the end of the song stuck in my head and then my brain will be like "Right. The song is over… time to repeat!"

  • Did you mean "basic conversation skills"??

  • i yawned at 3:46 XD

  • i don't know but yawning trick never works on me…no one can make me yawn ..i've even tried it by watching many videos of people yawn but doesn't work for me

  • did anyone yawn in the yawning trick

  • This is female sorcery!


  • these puny tricks wont work on me Woman, go back to the drawing board.

  • garbage

  • I just yawned

  • So I asked my hater if i could barrow his pen and he said he didn't have one so I handed him mine but he just rolled his eyes and walked away. I think he still hates me.

  • No, I will never let someone use my pen or ✏️ again. Everytime I let someone use my pen I never get it back.

  • 0:46 OH NO NOT YOU TOO!!!!!

  • 5:48 wow someone tryed that on me and it doesn't work XD i still hate him

  • #1 was useless.

  • no.6 is most impressive to me

  • walked up to a girl…..wanted her to agree with what i say…and i forgot what to do to make her agree with me…and she has to wait for 2mins for me to check thid video! 🙂

  • no.5 ??.seriously???…i would rather just ask my friend to carry it! that's it! (sorrt for my english)

  • Looking where you're going DOES NOT make people part like the red Sea. People are ignorant fuckers who only care about themselves , and most if not all will actually play chicken with you. To them, it's a small version of control and dominance , as well as complete ignorance.

  • Everytime
    People stare at me,
    I am Shy…
    And I can't Resist
    I stare them back,
    And I can't avoid that grrr

  • I have no idea why but I've never yawned because someone else has

  • I always have extra pencils cause I like being prepared. I always let ppl borrow my pencil even though I don't like them I don't think it's accurate to say that u can find out if someone like by asking them if u can borrow a pencil or whatever.

  • Oi Trump, ask Kim Jong Ung for a pen would you

  • Wave your hand very near to your friend's eyes and touch them with the other hand. Ask them if you're touching them and the answer will be no

  • Most of these "tricks" are actually quite sociopathic, or borderline at least. 13 and 9 both seemed legit though

  • Yeah, look straight works pretty well. Now I walk like a lion.

  • n5 is so true
    I have a horse and have to clean her box daily.
    I have a twin sister and we do that together.
    When I don't want to finnish it, I stop, put the dungfork aside
    and start talking. Then my sister automaticly grabs
    the dungfork and finnish it for me.
    Also when I bring the wheelbarrow to the manure and it's too heavy
    to lift it up, I start talking to her again and she
    automaticly empty the wheelbarrow.
    It's really funny especially if you notice it.

  • How to fool a fool person or ?

  • Am I the only one, that hears the spit in the womens mouth while she's Talking ?

  • Yawn trick

  • dirty voice

  • No i dont.

  • pick any number and literally any number divisible by 2 then double it then add 8 then divide into 2 and then think of the letter like a=1 b=2 and so on then think ofa country with that letters then with the last letter think a animal so – you at thinking of kangaroo in Denmark but it is not true

  • Or? 13 reasons not to trust Authority figures

  • No. Don't share any of them. Never use your good intentions to manipulate friends. Mmmmarketing

  • Yoloha, if someone is making me feel guilty, it's much easier to say, "no".

  • I got one if u don't want to taste something hold your nose and u won't taste it at all,but if u have a big one it won't work😌

  • 13 Exploits of life

  • Did she say"inheretently"?

  • lmd

    I was watching a video but got so confused that I did not even realize I was watching it

  • What is a good word to pick?

  • definitely gonna try the one for when people don't like you

  • A loaded gun, in your hand, will drastically improve desired results.

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