12 Psychological Sleep Facts

12 Psychological Sleep Facts

Thanks for helping us hit 200K subscribers. We will do our best to continue producing psychology videos every Sunday! This video features 12 dream facts that you may not know about. Which of these dream facts do you recognize? Comment below. Hope you find these facts interesting!

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  • ray

    I guess you could that those myoclonics…
    ■-■¬ <(•_•)
    are jerks
    play theme

  • I cant dream 😨 I want to dream again! how do I do so?

  • I talk when I sleep. I've searched it's a disorder. xD But depends on my dreams actually.

  • Am W O K E

  • What about being aware that you're dreaming, but can't wake yourself up?

  • I know I get really irritable if I don't get my sleep.

  • I dont care about a dream!
    You woke me up and now YOU have to deal with a 240lbs pissed off person.
    Leave sleeping bears alone

  • One thing I hate about sleep is sleep paralysis, I often have it and its driving me nuts. I don't know why I kept experiencing it. I now have a awful fear of sleep because of it….

  • can you make a video on how to lucid dream?

  • I find I've slept better when I've had longer and more vivid dreams… I've been sleeping really poorly lately and all my dreams are short-lived.

  • I you go to bathroom in a dream, you'll piss on yourself. You forgot that fact

  • what if i dream about tyler and josh without listening to their music before going to sleep or going to a concert or meeting them????

  • I dont actually dream…
    Just a few times per year
    I think I have a problem whelp

  • I uh
    I remember memories as dreams and forget about everything or repress as not existing
    Thinking that everything I know was a dream and everything I dream is a memory
    I'm so confused of myself

  • I remember one week when me and my family were going to the beach for summer vacation

    A day before we left i had a dream where i was in my family van in the back right corner and i was looking around and I saw my family in their seats and i saw all out chests, chairs, and other items. Then i look out my window and saw a skull shaped cloud then i woke up.

    After finishing getting packed we went to the Van and drove off. after some hours past i had a feeling that the area we were driving in looked familiar and i jumped a little after remembering my dream i look around, my family were doing what they were doing in my dream, everything was placed the way it looked in my dream, then i looked out the window and i saw THE. SAME. EXACT. SKULL. SHAPED. CLOUD.

    Is this normal? (._.

  • anyone had a dream of taking a leak and actually did it IRL? i've had this kind of dreams in the childhood like 4-5 times maybe, now i'm just going to toilet before bed and it never happened since 😀 i wonder if anyone else had similar dreams.

  • i love you you get me thank you for these videos the make me very happy and clear up my mind

  • Usually, I'm half asleep but then I randomly jerk awake because I thought I was falling. It happens more often if I was on a trampoline or something similar during the day. It's really weird but other than that I don't have a lot of dreams. That I remember anyway.

  • Ever had a dream where u r falling??

  • Has anyone had this thing when they wake up but feel like they’re still sleeping like not just tired but actually sleeping during a REM stage and u think your whole day was just a dream??? Or am I just crazy

  • I never remember my dreams so it feels like I never have any.

  • Ok I have to stop even though I didn't start watching this. I just really want to see a dream right now, and I have absolutely no idea why

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