10 Things You Don’t Know about Psychology Students

10 Things You Don’t Know about Psychology Students

Many people ask us a lot of questions, “Can you read my mind?”, “What subjects you are actually studying?”, “How much you actually charge when people consult you”… Facing a lot of “Why”s, we decide to tell you, “10 things You Don’t Know about Psychology Students”!!!

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  • Black people

  • great video lol!!

  • What a funny video! Let's work hard together to get our psychology degree ! 👍👍

  • omg this is so relatable I can't stop laughing

  • Haha, hilarious and thoughtful! Proud to be a Psychology Student, thumbs up for the video!

  • this is so sweet thanks man and so relatabke as well

  • so accurate

  • super funny, relatable and wonderful video !!!!! 🙂

  • buhahhahhahahhahahahhaha so true….u covered the whole "THING" abut psychology man..great job 😀
    PS: i was nodding the whole tym 😛

    anyone else…..
    no….just me


  • buhahhahhahahhahahahhaha so true….u covered the whole "THING" abut psychology man..great job 😀
    PS: i was nodding the whole tym 😛

    anyone else…..
    no….just me


  • Aww this was so great and inspiring thank you!

  • psychology student here, after completing bachelor's degree, what is the ideal job? ideal job for psych students that would offer something that is related to psychology and also a stable pay. I have thought of working for awhile after graduating before pursuing masters.

  • nice video man! I like it, it's awesome! I'm going to take my psychology degree for the next 2 years 😀😀😊😊

  • bachelor nad masters and one can become clinical psychologist?

  • Can you guys recommend some good universities in Asia to study psychology?

  • great video. i will be a psychology. wish me the best guys 🙂 thank you for your motivation. pursue my dream

  • im struggling r8 now

  • hey guys, I just finished my final year of my bachelor's degree in psychology. so I wanna know will you guys suggest to continue to study the applied psychology master degree? cuz I heard some says study master is kinda useless

  • where u guys study?

  • Hahahahah!!! This is so accurate!! Great job. hahahaha. My friends would laugh at this video. Its typically our current life.

  • your video is really helpful. thank you

  • This is so true with spss I almost died having to do my own research and the significance level was "non significant" !!! 😭😭

  • 😁 😁 This is so relatable I'm the one who never asks questions
    The apa form article is killing me

  • Damn it is all true!

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