10 Scariest Psychological Horror Movies

10 Scariest Psychological Horror Movies


Forget blood, gore and jump scares. These psychologically disturbing horror movies go way beyond those kinds of cheap tactics and instead will provide a much darker and infinitely more chilling viewing experience for those brave enough. . .

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October 25, 2016 / 49 Comments / by / in
  • Hey A Team! Let me know what other horror lists you'd like below – I read all the comments, even the mean ones! There's 10 Scariest Body Horrors here:

    🙂 Alex

  • it's like you made a list based exactly on the things i like in horror films

  • If you say you didn't find the Babadook scary, you don't actually know what real horror is.

  • I hate when channels go from a guy to a girl, plus she sounds like a lil fat boy. Its annoying af.

  • Can I kiss the narrator?

  • and before the bitching starts lol DEAD!

  • now I'm playing with power!

  • no Godzilla? no Texas Chainsaw Massacre?


  • Lol

  • I'm so happy to see 1407 on here. It's so underrated.

  • The babadook fucked me up I saw this when it came out and it fucked me up for a month or two

  • The Babadook fucking sucked

  • A tale of two sisters has the same plot as The uninvited

  • Kill list, most shocking movie I've ever seen

  • Kim Ji un !?!?!? Coincidence I think Not!

  • It's not impossible to talk about movies without giving away spoilers.

  • Nah, it didn't' look so scary to me when we watched it from an invitation to a little dinner. (Also we did watch it last month.)😏

  • 1408 isn't super scary it is just a really awesome movie in general!

  • Way to spoil the everliving shit out of the haunting

  • Ok ,video. But you really should have said spoilet alert…..you should change this to a review video…..to many details are said..

  • The shining is just a bad movie with so many flaws

  • I saw 1408 the ending where he is rescued that's the original but on cable I saw another ended where mr ensland tries to give his wife the recorder and stuff from the room and she says no and walks away mr ensland gets in his car and cusacks disfigured face appears in the mirror and it ends hahaha

  • Personally I think the Japanese ring movies along with Juan suck everyone says "Japanese movies are scarier" but I just don't see it

  • I watched the shining for the first time this year iv watched it 4 times since then great movie amazing fuckin movie here comes Johnny is now my favorite phrase ever

  • Vee

    Hey look '666 k views'

    how very ironic.

  • 666k views lol

  • Jacobs ladder and I saw the devil great choices they all were didn't like orphanage but everything else awsome

  • babadook badaboom

    (edit)also seriously though the babadook is a good movie but the editing ang camera positioning isn’t good like the scene where the kid pushed the girl out the tree house how did she teleport around 160 degrees just remove the falling scene it’s much better

  • Alltimemovies did not understand the babadook…

  • 1408 is spooooooky

  • This sounds identical to the WatchMojo one

  • I've seen the babadook to me it wasn't scary




  • "Before any bitching starts" this is why I choose AllTime over Richest. You all don't give a fuck. Love it.

  • "Pretty decent" The Ring is easily one of the greatest American Horror movies but ain't no movie got nothing on The Shining

  • i keep seeing jacob's ladder on lists like these…guess i have to watch it

  • Ringu copyrighted ring

  • Lucas is dead, so that other twin is going super crazy during the film… aaaand, my eglish sucks, so.. ;D

  • I saw the devil is a great fucking movie, if you don’t mind reading sub titles

  • Great lineup:)

  • No Lake Mungo? 0/10, subbed, un-subbed.

  • i was disappointed when you said "I Saw The Devil" instead of "Saw IV"

  • The ring ?

  • ba-ba-ba-dook-dook-dook…

  • first version of ringu i found was on a vhs the description said something about a cursed video tape i bought it but was a little bit worried ( too much imagination )

  • This list looks more like your list as you don't know psychological horror youngster

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