10 Psychology Tricks That Work ON ANYBODY

10 Psychology Tricks That Work ON ANYBODY

10 Mind Game Tricks You Can Do On Your Friends.
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The human brain is a powerful organ, but not so powerful that you can’t easily manipulate the minds of others. By using these sneaky tricks, you can fool people into doing exactly what you want them to do, without them even knowing what’s going on! From defusing a sticky situation in the boardroom to catching a stalker, these are 10 psychology tricks that work on anybody.

If you ever find yourself in a sticky situation with a colleague at work, use this easy method. When you think someone is going to talk bad about you, or get aggressive with you at a meeting, just sit next to them. People are less likely to get aggressive with someone who is nearby.

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June 21, 2017 / 25 Comments / by / in
  • Guys, check out the secret link of the day! https://youtu.be/tHlQRQ_kSwA

  • I did the red hammer thing on my sister to test if it worked and she said blue hammer, IT WAS SO CLOSE

  • How do you yawn by yourself hugh, its not like …ugh (fake )

    What is that

  • Just how?

  • who else yawned

  • Telling someone that something costs .99c is the world's greatest Psy trick.

  • All of these are bullshit


  • I did the red hammer thing and I try it on my sister and she said blue Hammer at least she got hammer right but not the blue

  • The red hammer trick always works if you ask fast math problems. Fast. Then ask to name a vegetable. Most people say carrots.

  • Your intro look like its bout to be the T-Mobile commercial

  • Milking every second of the video.. Just stfu and tell us about the triks. Idiotic channel…

  • T-Mobile

  • I played stop light on my mom, it worked but she Realized what she had done 2 secs later lol

  • The stop sign thing was a terrible fail and I said "The youtuber 'TheTalko' said it would work everytime on somebody." but she said it wowuld never work.

  • I think this glitch is patched

  • I zig zag through crowds

  • holy shit I was confused why 'stop was wrong' for a full 10 seconds then I realized

  • What if you both just happen to look at each other at the same time, then thought the other was stalking, so you both start glancing in each others direction both catching each other looking, then you both yawn?

  • what movie at 0:08?

  • The only useful thing here is the one about asking for more than you want, but that's a no brainer. It's best if you want a raise and speak with your boss. It's worked every time for me. A few advices:
    1. Ask for a raise when it's not the time for the yearly salary discussion at your workplace. Then your boss is not as prone to compare your salary to everyone else's. It can actually make him/her feel you are a special and very driven worker. You might not get a raise at that point, but when discussion arise later, your boss will hopefully remember your request.
    2. This usually only works if you really make an effort on your workplace and make your voice heard in a positive manner.
    3. If applying for a new job, don't sell yourself down on the salary. Asking for a high salary signals you know your worth. You'll often get the answer "Ok, that's a bit of a strain for us, but how about *****?
    Of course, this does not apply to all workplaces. You can't go to McDonald's and ask for 700$/month more than everyone else. But in a blue collar or specialist environment it usually works.

  • "try to remember the color of their eyes"? i'm colorblind

  • https://youtu.be/Idt9OqldtKw
    Aartworks entertainment is back with it's new cover! 
    Old Hindi Medley
    Do check it out!

  • The snackman affect won't work if they really wanna fight they will just kick the shit out of you but most of these work

  • What is the title of this music? =D

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