10 Psychological Productivity Tips – How To be more Productive!

10 Psychological Productivity Tips – How To be more Productive!

Are you looking to learn how to be more productive, or simply get more work done in less time? In this video we cover 10 psychology-related productivity tips that you can implement in your work or school life to boost your to-do list.

In this fast-paced world, getting high-quality work done efficiently in a short time, is an absolute requirement. The more work done, the better chance of survival in the work jungle and the higher chances of success for your business.

With limited work opportunities and excess skill set, holding on to a job and being productive and top of the game is stressful and tough.
Given, the cut-throat competition, survival of the fittest and smartest has dictated the way of life. There is a constant expectation to offer top quality work. All this expectation causes a lot of unwanted stress and anxiety that slows down one’s productivity.

In order to beat this stress, human brain seeks escape through social networking sites and procrastination.

The result being low productivity, increased stress, and feelings of chaos and frustration.

However, a team of psychologists have researched and studied this aspect and have come up with some excellent suggestions thereby making it easier for you to hold fast to your job and increase your productivity and performance.

10 Psychological Productivity Tips – How To be more Productive!

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  • How can I get motivated if i can't find anything to motivate me!

  • Loved this video! Thanks for sharing it. My Best productivity tip: Do something you really enjoy, and setup your life in a way where you love your work. Game over. You'll be productive because you want to 🙂

  • I feel like sleeping more than 6 hours makes me so much tired during the day. I prefer going to bed at 12pm and wake up at 5 am.

  • I love tip number 1 very important for peace of mind

  • You should make a Video about how humans can never get enough of something i think knowing why would also give a boost to your productivity

  • Hey I love all of your videos…I was really looking forward to read this book – The Four Agreements by Don Miguel Ruiz; your videos really help to grasp read content, so if you feel like this book is a kind of book you would read, give it a go!

  • So, if you feel unproductive while watching videos. I encourage you to take notes of what you're watching. Not only do you retain more information, you also feel like you did something important.. which is productive, right?

  • I said before but I have to say it again… Your videos are the best! Thanks man

  • Great vid!

  • Thanks!

  • yay go to school till graduate, then work till you die woohoo! Life! so greatfull to see how cancerous everything/one has become sarcasm not included

  • Thank you so much for making this video it helped me alot!

  • Can you make a video about making it easier to read and understanding what you are reading. I would love to read more of these books, but I just don't understand what I am reading.

  • I meditate back to sleep.

  • Where did you get your background music?

  • 8 hr is just too much ,

  • This is such an awesome video. Keep it up.

  • I actually have a question in mind: what if you take your reward and then you loss control and do not want to get back to work again?

  • thanks for this video! 🙂 however, you do not seem to be as well-prepared and as eloquent as in the other videos. but, great content.

  • Hey, thank you so much for this video. I'll try out these tips!! Your videos are great and I love your channel 😉 Keep it up

  • Great tips! I agree the most with number 4 – prioritizing is crucial, if you focus on less important things the you're not being productive, you should tackle the most important tasks first

  • I like to also add play some music while you work. I play music to track how long it takes to complete a task also you can pace yourself with the tempo

  • ugh

    you must have your life figured out wow I'm impress and im a mess

  • nice one, Thank you Man

  • well fuck I had been sleeping 1 hour every night for years

  • wow thanks for the video

  • nice video!

  • The next tip is to make milk, not war!

  • Great video

  • No.1- pray

  • Watching this to find out how to get out of bed and stop watching sssniperwolf

  • 8 hours of sleep is not necessary.. many greatly successful people or yogis barely sleep for 4 hours

  • ur Channel is stuck at 970k subs 😯

  • 1. Meditation and Gratefulness 
    2. Reward yourself for tasks
    3. 8 hours of sleep
    4. Prioritise your time – know your energy cycle
    5. Delegation
    6. Autosuggestion – Affirmations, Law of Attraction, visualisations
    7. Diet and exercise – invest in yourself!
    8. Decluttering
    9. Taking breaks – Pomodoro Technique! Going into nature, having sunlight helps
    10. Productivity Zappers – cell-phones, social media, internet gossip, and email – avoid them!

  • Great video, I love your passion. New subscriber!

  • Another gem from PP! Keep enlightening the masses brother. These are the types of videos that will forever be a part of Youtube. Human nature and the desire for self-improvement are eternal.

  • What about breakfast?

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