10 Psychological Pictures To Test Your Personality

10 Psychological Pictures To Test Your Personality


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  • Mine

    1.  Rebel
    2. Creative
    3. a Very high IQ
    4. Patient & constantly thinking
    5. Inquisitive
    6. Wild imagination
    7. Active social live
    8. a Healthy range of emotions and a stable person
    9. NOPE
    10. Very loyal and natural born leader

  • i saw the woman spin clockwise first and then suddenly anti-clockwise and it didn't change again



  • at 1:47 I saw two lungs and someone praying

  • At 3:15 I saw a levitating c9w #tw

  • @ the spinning girl I saw her spinning clockwise and I'm not big on art

  • Omg I saw her spinning in both directions

  • Am 15 and at first i saw the spinning women and at first she spines counter clockwise and then I lucked away and then lucked at it again and then she spend clockwise. And then I lucked at her feet and I saw that she spends both ways. I am the most grown up person in my "school klass" and think like a grown up would do. So I guess I have pretty high IQ for a 15 year old.

  • apparently im a rebel, creative, insightful and loves art, patient, inquisitive, wild imagination, active social life, full of positive energy wow.. didn't even know some of that,

  • the cocoa bean one is so completely wrong!

  • really?? -_- i have everything that says something negative ow well… back to twenty one pilots i guess…

  • 3:22 I saw nothing

  • 1:45 hips, testicles, penis

  • I just learned something, I'm awesome

  • good

  • I thought the first one was two girls at a table with a skull light flashing on them 😂

  • Does the inkblot remind you of that mean fat character from Mulan

  • 1:47 I saw a dragon

  • Omg it was hard but I've finally see her spinning in both directions lol

  • Hell yea! I have a high IQ!

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