10 Psychological Lessons from the Harry Potter Series

10 Psychological Lessons from the Harry Potter Series

While watching the movies and reading the books (and fanfiction?) about our favorite wizard is already amazing and fun in its own right, there is also a lot of Harry Potter Psychology to be found in the books. Hope you enjoy this edition! Let us know what you would like us to cover next! Relating harry potter to psychology was fun! Hope you enjoyed it as much as we do!

Article Referenced: http://psych2go.net/psychological-lessons-harry-potter/

Art + editing by Joy: https://www.instagram.com/joyzarts
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“Clear Waters”
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  • The Dobby effect is an actual thing! That's the thing I found most interesting. And now I have to go tell everyone.

  • Harry having PTSD was kind of obvious.

  • You should have replaced Ron's arachnophobia with the idea that dementors represent depression.

  • İ'm a little dobby effect

  • Ron doesn't have arachnophobia, he's just scared of the spiders, but it isn't a phobia.

  • What about the dementors representing depression, and JKR's own struggle and triumph through the disorder

  • Draco never threw the elder wand to Harry! What are you talking about?
    Asides from that, the rest were quite interesting. Also, Rowling has said that dementors represent depression. On Pottermore, they actually encourage people who think they’re suffering from depression to seek help. They claim that eating chocolate is good, but does not suffice. 🙂

  • Schizophrenia, Luna Lovegood?

  • Great video, and a nice intro to your channel! I hit subscribe based on this video.
    A few things to add….
    Voldemort's first act of killing was hanging Billy Stubb's pet rabbit from the rafters. In a great number of cases a serial killer practices killing on domestic animals first. Props to JK for this detail that adds realism and depth to her main antagonist.
    Psychosis in orphaned children living in overcrowded, understaffed orphanages is a real thing.
    Gilderoy Lockheart had narcissistic personality disorder.
    Those are the things that stand out to me… but really great video. I especially liked the part about Fudge and cognitive dissonance.

  • draco is ma bae

  • About Draco throwing Harry his wand: when Neville kills Nagini with the sword of Gryffindor, Harry gets out of Hagrids arms and Malfoy throws him his wand, it was a deleted scene from Deathly Hallows Part 2, the movie. I don't know why they deleted it, it's on YouTube, many fans were shocked

  • The dementors are supposed to represent depression

  • But Draco never "throws" Harry a wand… Harry forcefully snatched Draco's wand, and a few others I think, out of his hand when they were at the manor. I believe Draco has matured too and stuff but that wand thing never happened😂

  • One thing you didn't mention was how the house categories relate a lot to personality theory and categorizes the children by their traits. I found that "Dobby Effect" bit pretty interesting, I definitely know a few people who are like that.

  • I absolutely loved this, but I think there should've been a mention of Hermione, in the 3rd Book she seems to crack under the expectations and pressure for her studying and so on.

  • Disagree about Draco. He had some remorse – but he didn’t switch to the good side. He ended up more neutral – simply not wanting to take any sides to avoid more danger to him and his family. What about Hermione’s behaviour? The whole smart-Alec attitude to make up der her plain Jane looks?

  • Gobby is my favorite hp character

  • Slytherin pride 💚🐍💚🐍

  • To be fair, the Slytherines kind of created the first problem themselves by being so unpleasant. Snape didn't help .

  • I could use this to help me analyze other Movies, maybe I'll use it…


  • Wow it's so true!
    I have some of those disorders and I never noticed plus Hp does comfort me

  • Harry Potter <3

  • And then there's movie Hermy, who has no flaws and shortcommings like her book counterpart.
    You know what they call that?
    Pushing ideology.

  • You didn't say anything about Severus Snape 🙁

  • Dementors = depression

  • I already knew about Sybil, Ron, and Harry. The thing about Voldemort was not surprising. But I did find the Dobby effect interesting ☺

  • If Harry potter took place in real life, there's a good chance he would be on booze or drugs 😋

  • Why is there no Bellatrix Lestrange in this list?

  • shouldve added luna lovegood in! she shows a lot of signs of having asd/autism/aspergers!

  • I think it's a really interesting approach to anxiety, to compare it with a journalist who is writing crappy stories without proof just to be noticed.
    At first I had trouble wrapping my head around this comparison, but I think in the future I'll try to visualize my anxiety as Rita Skeeter – maybe it works?!?

  • Dolores Umbridge has the Bitch disorder!

  • Trelawney is also an alcoholic.

  • Wow! That's Awesome

  • Gorgeous <3

  • amazing video , we want more of videos of this kind !

  • I'm a simple person
    I see Harry Potter, I click "like"

  • I really like Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter.She was bullied by her house members but she was above such things.She didn't become mean or very shy.She stayed cool,nice and her own way.I really liked that and she helped me to overcome such things like bullying.She's a real example for me how to react and deal with such things. <3

  • Ron's arachnephobia was pretty obvious lol

  • Dementors are the embodiment of the author's own depressions.

  • How exactly is Rita Skeeter suffering from anxiety? She doesn't show any of the signs. All she does is create exaggerated scenario and manipulate people's feelings.

  • "Don't let the muggles get you down."

  • Ron does not only suffer from arachnophobia, he has also a huge inferiority complex.

  • Bellatrix was the most interesting character in my opinion

  • Rupert Grint also hates spiders too!

  • Ugh, everybody is so unfair with Slytherin. I mean, they are seen as evil heartless monsters from the first second they are sorted into the house, even tough most of them are inocent childs who doesn't have idea of what is going on because it's their first time at the school, example, that part when Fred and George booed at the first grade kid in sorting ceremony because he endend up in Slytherin, I mean?????????? Plus, the other houses pull Slytherin apart because yolo, with the excuse that they have prejudices against certain group, yet you are discriminating a hole house indinstictly because you have prejudices against them too???? Must I say that the vast majority who have prejudices against muggles and muggleborns are kids victims of adroctination by their families, and most cases, if they didn't followed the ideas of their families they would be rejected, and yes I mean, you should stand for what you believe for, but they grew up thinking that was the correct thing to do, and no matter what people say, stills being your family, you love them, and you wouldn't wanna lose them. And don't even get me started on the battle of hogwarts, because HOW UNFAIR IS THAT, omggggg, hogwarts spent 7 fucking years treating the whole house like literally shit for being themselves and yet they wanted them to fight for the school, and not fight on the other side, where their families are and where they are praised for the same thing Hogwarts hated them for, and YET when one studen, just one, said logically that didn't wanted to fight for school, they punished every Slytherin for the decision of one. And at the end of the fucking series they are still seen as the bad ones? Fuck everybody honestly, Slytherins are just misunderstood people who had recieved their whole lives an unfair treatment (yes even before of going to hogwarts, because no child should suffer from adoctrination)

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