10 Psychological Hacks To Win Any Argument – Persuasion Tips

10 Psychological Hacks To Win Any Argument – Persuasion Tips

We all have been into many arguments, and I guess most of the times they didn’t end well. We either loose the argument or come out as winner but have damaged the relationship a lot of times. Here in this video, I want to present to you 10 proven ways (from the book ” How to win friends and influence people”) that you can use to win any argument without effecting your relationship.

1. Use Indirect Methods
2. Show Respect
3. If you are wrong, Admit it
4. Begin in a friendly way
5. Ge the other person say “yes” immediately
6. Let the other person do a great deal of talking
7. Let the other person feel that the idea is his or hers
8. Try honestly to see things from other persons point of view
9. Be sympathetic with the other person’s idea
10. Step Backward

First Impression Hacks: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lm6TQ4ZqJE4&t=80s

How To Read Anyone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Lh96xLJhD5o
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  • Hello Friends!
    This video has taken me pretty long time to create, let me know if you guys prefer longer videos, Or its better if I post more frequently shorter videos?
    Would love to know your opinion!

  • at which year did you start making vids

  • Wow, I'll use it to our debate 😚 thank you 😊

  • Where are you from, my friend?

  • the difference between characters are jarring – I like your messages regardless

  • please increase your voice level
    I watch your videos without headphones so if you can it would help me a lot!

  • It's not too long, it's great. Wish I had seen this 2 days ago

  • That kicky noice is so satisfying. <3

  • The title is not very accurate, is it? And it is also not even important to win an agrument. Perspective is wat it is about. one of your rules made sense there. The rest we need to argu over before I can agree with you.

  • Excellent vid, many of these tips I already use and the others seem like they would be very helpful. The length is good, too much longer and it would lose some of it's impact and make it harder to absorb all the information. I often debate people about religion, which I know is basically futile but that is kind of the point. It's a huge challenge for me. Keep up the good work

  • 4:20 Trump?

  • Thanks for sharing. There is a lot of valuable information in this video.

  • One advice! Spell check!

  • Is that a razor keyboard

  • Thank you for this. 😊

  • The typing noise in this video made me want to throw my phone

  • well you say "let them speak" but what if it's "okay, speak" (he speaks) and then they walk away…..these autists i meet, jesus

  • Climate change is not real except for the fact that the government is for sure altering the weather so they can alter it right back to normal by not touching anything anymore in the sky

  • That's a bad example. If the police is at fault, you tell him that. If they give you shit, you go to court. If it's your fault, then be honest and take the blame/loss. Btw, you would need his insurance company (whatever insurance government/police units carry) to pay for your damages if he was at fault. You happily walking away just because they didn't put you in handcuffs doesn't make any sense.

  • This just proves how retarded people are, if i have to pretend to stuff to win an argument then there is clearly something wrong with that person if he can't accept facts.

  • Perfectly put together video

  • We need to find a common basis for agreement. Valid statistics can be useful in determining the facts. The statistics must be confirmed by a variety of independent sources.

  • Usually I agree with you on most subjects but not this one. In all honesty I think the best way to win an argument is knowing your subject matter. Actually doing your research and expressing your ideals in a way that can be understood. I never try to argue or debate something on a subject I know nothing about. It makes you look petty, childish, and really ignorant.

  • v a

    My opinion is that I am 100% correct that you don't know how to spell English words correctly.

  • do you think the loud music during and at the end would sound better or a more soothing classical piece would help one concentrate more ?

  • Great video overall. I would add that the purpose of debate (arguments) is not to win but to plant the seed of doubt. (This aligns with Galileo's quote in the video) I would change the title of the video to reflect that principle. I'm looking forward to seeing more learning topics from this channel. 🙂

  • So we should consider other peoples feelings over logic? For me it's logic to listen to facts. I don't care to much about how people feel about that. I do respect people who stay calm and keep trying to let the other understand… That's just not me

  • Is the word sympothetic or sympathetic?

  • be open minded he's basically saying that and the best way to settle an argument is to find an agreement.

  • Iknow im late but this helped me much <3 +1sub!

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