10 Psychological Facts About Human Feelings

10 Psychological Facts About Human Feelings

Did you know that you can catch other people’s emotions just by simply being around them? There are so many interesting things about human feelings and psychology that we hope to share with you. Enjoy!

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August 5, 2016 / 28 Comments / by / in
  • Kewl.

  • D C

    mirror neurons … legit… i laugh when others laugh.. i dont even get the joke

  • I don't experience the effect of mirror neurons very often…

  • i leave my phone at home on purpose …. i'm not that attached to my phone

  • She sounds like Genkai when she was young from Yu Yu Hakusho ūüėģ

  • 4:56

    Wait I am none of those.
    I'm just having a normal expression.

  • kryptoboy 304 Omg i can relate… but even if I try not to change myself, I do it because of people I love… and i don't know why. When he (one person I really love) feels bad or anything, I feel bad too. I don't know at which point I started to act and speak like him (or my friends). But I hate it.¬† I've lost myself and I kinda miss the person I was…
    (sorry my english is not that good, hope u understand everything…)
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    Reply 4  Caryl Villalon1 month ago
    mikei me too they always make fun of me they say im a copycat
    Reply  Chandler Hamilton7 months ago
    the more i watch videos like this the more i realize im one fucked up son of a bitch
    Reply 149 View all 6 replies
     inquisitor 7172 months ago
    Chandler Hamilton
    Reply 2  Samantha Byun Park1 month ago
    Chandler Hamilton Well honestly sameūüėā
    Reply  Root7 months ago
    All these edgy teens in the comments pretending they have mental illness and self diagnosing smh. Go to a therapist man
    Reply 364 View all 77 replies
     Root1 month ago
    If you're in school, there's usually a free service. If you're not, there's online services (which if you can access YouTube you can clearly access). There's always a way but sitting down and complaining about how you're so hard done to and how there's no services isn't going to help you. Spend the time looking for help you'll find it. Spend the time going "oh I have this, this and this I know because I looked it up and decided it was so me" isn't going to do anything. Diagnosises are used to provide help, not shout out what illnesses you have and give yourself a cute little label to stigmatize.
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    Reply 1  Lillylil1 161 month ago
    Imperfectly.warped To be honest its not fun and edgy teens make it seem fun..
    Reply 2  V 3Pacstein9 months ago
    Can you guys do one on nature vs nurture in personality?
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     Sentil7 months ago
    Read more
    Reply 8  Lucky Icecube5 months ago
    I-i don't get it… there's no similarity apart from the wording. There needs to be similarities elsewhere.
    Reply 3  Ryan Moore7 months ago
    So in a sense mirror neurons are made to make people cringe.
    Reply 77 View all 2 replies
     lovingjuliet6 months ago
    Ryan Moore LOL
    Reply 2  me likey7 months ago
    Nomophobia=sad state of humanity
    Reply 65
     static palms, melt your vibe7 months ago
    I don't think my brain releases that much oxytocin when I hug people. I've never liked it, I only do it because other people seem to like it.
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     Andrew qwerty1 month ago
    +dinosaur, Tendency doesn't mean fact, the maker of this video lacks mathematical logic, which isn't hurting it, because 99% don't have it. No, I think the 2. is not only for Fe people. F are ruled by it, we non-F have it but aren't ruled by it, because we have either rationality, logic or stupidity to rule us. Psychopaths and capitalists don't have it though, that's for sure. And I guess hugging depends on the mindset, too. Maybe the fact, that we think hugging is a nice thing makes us placebo the trust. And people probably think about the other person while hugging them, maybe that can build trust, too. Because tendency doesn't imply causation.
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    Reply  Jigga BooJangles1 month ago
    what did the dinosaurs know about hillary clinton then just don't do it
    Reply  Shaun ,7 months ago
    Does 9 mean that psychopaths lack mirror neurons?
    Reply 45 View all 4 replies
     Shaun ,3 months ago
    Sophiew Yasss haha, met so many people that don't get my profile pic and even insult it. "Oh bliss! Bliss and heaven! Oh, it was gorgeousness and gorgeousity made flesh. It was like a bird of rarest-spun heaven metal or like silvery wine flowing in a spaceship, gravity all nonsense now. As I slooshied, I knew such lovely pictures!"
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    Reply 2  Kezia K04C3 months ago
    Shaun , Yeah
    Reply 1  INTERNALLY SHRIEKING7 months ago
    I defiantly have nomophobia, my phone is literally like my son.
    Reply 44 View all 4 replies
     Forest Green Organ Geek3 months ago
    INTERNALLY SHRIEKING my piano is my big sister, and my phone is my little sister.
    Reply 3  Precious Felton3 months ago
    lol no offense, but that's sad. plz stay safe
    Reply 3  Jem Nikkeli7 months ago
    Ahh I got a fact about Empathy. It's done a research that the part of your brain that stores in your ''Pain sensors'' actually activate when you see someone else getting hurt. For example I had this really big dizzying feeling once when I got a needle in my arm (almost fainted). Few months later seeing another person getting a needle in their arm made me super dizzy the same as before when I got a needle put to my arm but less strong.Also psychopaths don't have this feature as they don't usually have empathy.
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    Reply 38 View all 7 replies
     Pikardilla1 month ago
    Jigga BooJangles Even though you're not a psychopath, you're still beautiful.
    Reply  Jem Nikkeli1 month ago
    Oh well that's fine. Majority doesn't mean everyone. Some experience it and some don't. This is just a small fact that I experienced once very strongly myself ūüôā
    Reply  Ronald Assel9 months ago
    Keep up the good work:)
    Reply 26 View all 3 replies
     Ilang Ilang9 months ago
    +Psych2Go they did great jobs
    Reply 4  Dr. Skeptic7 months ago
    Where's your cites?  Some of these are completely wrong. and your tumblr is complete pseudo science bullshit.
    Reply 1 ¬†Kiriko ťúßśēÖ7 months ago
    One good thing about being busy :
    You don't have the time to think about useless things. '-'
    That's why I always keep myself busy, in a way or another.
    Reply 23 View all 2 replies
    ¬†Kiriko ťúßśēÖ6 months ago
    +Bassmaster69 About a lot of things, but I wont lie, yeah. It happens.
    Reply  James Oldfield7 months ago (edited)
    Some people suffer from nomophobia, meanwhile it's 2016, and I still have no mobile phone nor any interest in getting one…
    "People that are busier are happier than people that're idle."
    That's why unemployment carries such a high suicide rate compared to employment.
    Reply 22  Bella Winmill Flamingos7 months ago
    James Oldfield then…how…commenting….you….what?
    Reply 4  James Oldfield7 months ago
    +Totally not keemstar-ha-ha Bella Winmiill PC.
    Reply 4  Seán Tripp8 months ago
    Number one fact about psychology – It's not a science.
    Reply 29 View all 9 replies
     Lucky Icecube5 months ago
    It is a science. Science includes behaviour, which is what psychology is all about, with some biological impacts. Astrology on the other hand…
    Reply 20  TheMostlyRetroGamer3 months ago
    Se√°n Tripp Correction, it is educated guess work. Psychologists study human behavior to find certain trends so they can make conclusions and better understand how the mind works. These conclusion may not always be correct, but they are backed by scientific evidence, making them much more credible than a Tarot Card reading. Because of this, we as people are more capable of preventing and treating any psychological damages that have been or would've been done to our minds.
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    Reply 1  Sam Cox9 months ago
    Reply 20 View all 6 replies
     Angelo Burns7 months ago
    not saved word file
    Reply 4  Potato Chip6 months ago
    New Sausage White Food
    Reply 1  Trickster Cat7 months ago
    That handwriting is attractive
    Reply 19 View all 3 replies
     lucky fluffy2 months ago
    Quinnen Crawford same xD
    Reply 1  Pikardilla1 month ago
    I do xDD
    Reply 1  Big H8 months ago (edited)
    I like the vid but don't like your voice. Keep working on it
    Reply 25 View all 8 replies
     Hugh Mungus6 months ago
    Psych2Go Listen to the comments. U good, just need to work on it a little.
    Reply 3  CHRISTIANNWO10 months ago
    1. Nomophobia
    Reply 21 View all 3 replies
     Quinnen Crawford3 months ago
    Reply 1  Mels3 months ago
    +Quinnen Crawford If you're lonely, wouldn't you WANT a kiss??
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  • 2:40 So that's why when I have to go to school at afternoon my classmates act like they were possessed.

  • not gonna lie i dont like hugging unless its a certain situation


  • her voice makes it hard to understand and theres no english subtitles. ps: english isnt my first language

  • i thought your intro was an ad

  • don't try to be biological with "mirror neurons" because you obviously aren't

  • No duh, phones are fucking expensive, they almost cost as much as some rent

  • I have no mirror neurons, or empathy, or anything else.I'm just a pumpkin.

  • i dont have nomophobia cuz i dont have a phone lol

  • I don't have Nomo phobia. More chocolate! Yup more chocolate! I am happy being idle.

  • Does emotional contagion work with everyone you come in contact with or is it only effective on people you are close too? Because if a friend or even a really nice acquaintance is feeling incredibly upset or melancholic or joyful then I might experience these emotions as well however if I strongly dislike someone I most likely wouldn't find myself subconsciously emulating their mood.

  • 3:26 Not Safe Work For

  • I hate to be an ass, but am I the only one who is bothered by this girls voice. I love the content but I find I have trouble paying attention because of the sound of her voice. She should get someone who has a better speaking voice to do this for her…just my opinion.

  • Why did 7. pop up right in that moment, when I was going to eat my chocolate cake? o0

  • What does it mean when I start laughing and am unable to stop. I literally laugh until my back and chest hurts and that pain and telling me to stop only makes me laugh harder. It doesn't even have to be funny.. once I was set off by that little whirring fidget spinners make and every time I started calming down I heard it again and I started right back up again. I was on the floor for like 10 minutes laughing. It gets to the point where I can't breathe and that only makes it funnier. Is there something wrong with me?

  • Emotions are weaknesses

  • I adore the lil song of this intro. Like I'm in a candy shop devoted to psychology ūüėÄ

  • Im pretty sure everyone in 2017 has nomophobia

  • When I was young, my mom had financial anddomestic abuse problems. Being me, I was feelingless. I don't remember any thing, because my mom said we were at a hotel room. She said a kidnapper kidnaped me at gunpoint, and I left. I only remember when I woke up in a car. I was in a house under cronstruction near a hill, and it was not a dream because it was vivid memmories. I don't remember what I did there, because I was never hurt. Then, I wake up in my room. Thinking it was a dream all along, I continue to sleep. After 20 years, I realized I could have been druged to forget what I experienced. Or knocked out, which scared me. Besides the point, after the experience, my mom managed to work at construction, $36 an hour, and she was a forewoman. She was really rich. She then spoiled me. But the effect did not work. I don't know why, I was only 10. I would have been a spoiled brat, who could get anything I wanted. Why did it not work. Mind me, I am very grateful towards my mother, but no one else. I have no emotions. I don't feel symphathy, nor emphathy. I only show emotions towards my mother, but I can't feel anything else if not with her. Someone, explain why this happens. I hate being emotionless. I was born like this. Help.

  • Ok I think I have nomophobia … I was on punishment and I got my phone tooken not too long ago…. I RLLY CUT MYSELF AND CRIED SO LOUD WHEN NOBODY HEARD ME.. That's how much I love my phone

  • I have too much empathy, to the point that it‚Äôs overwhelming… thanks, Autism Spectrum Disorder! -_-
    I can relate A LOT to number 9. Whenever I pick up on negative energy, I need to leave the classroom immediately to sooth myself, and not blowup in anger and fear and stress.

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