10 Psychological Experiments You Would Never Believe Happened

10 Psychological Experiments You Would Never Believe Happened

From the Zimbardo experiment all the way to the Marshmallow experiment, we bring you the 10 Psychological Experiments You Would Never Believe Happened.

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10 Psychological Experiments You Would Never Believe Happened


September 15, 2016 / 30 Comments / by / in
  • the one about doing what your told by an authoritative figure is so true. i have never dont anything unethical if i was told to but have done thing a longer and more illogical way simply because my boss told me too. even though i knew it was a silly way to go about it i just did it because i wanted to show my boss i was willing.

    but then it all comes back to survival. and being able to do what you're instructed to by an authoritative figure easily is part of being able to co-operate in a group of people harmoniously.

  • What about the Russian sleep experiment??

  • Fuck you

  • It's a real nice video, but why the freaking clickbait man!

  • lol…blaze it

  • what's the name of the movie that's set up as the thumb nail?

  • Number 8 is real cute but there is no way my black ass is going into a room full of white, skin head, bikers. Its just not realistic.

  • Told by the Dr. "Yeah, the chimp got smarter butt your son is a retard."

  • I am surprised Baby Albert was not on this list.

    Yes, I had psychology in college. However, I only heard of the top 3 + the conformity experiment with the 3 lines. So, still interesting stuff.

  • humans are insane, no one is normal.

  • I would of sat right down with the bikers ,as a kid 2 bikers went on a ride with me on disney (they one that spins and was there from the start )me being little I was scared and crying they ended up (along with my goofy dad )making it a fun ride,my dad help me and talking about the goofy art and the bikers would scream "WEEEE" when it turns fast so from that point on I never judged bikers ,most of them are really awesome people they just like to look tough

  • #5 sounds like the Lord of the Flies, but with more behaved children

  • How long can you hold your shit every 2 hours you get 100000 and double every 2 hours after eating 10 White Castle mini burgers

  • Great channel, but please change your intro and that silly pink logo! 🙂

  • #6 just proves (most) humans are sheeple.

  • Ewan Cameron did a lot more fucked up shit than just the psychological driving thing…

  • why would i not believe that this stuff happened?

    none of its scary- the vieo is total click-bate

  • "Psyche" is pronounced "syke-ee", not "syke"! facepalm PLEASE look up how to pronounce such simple-to-learn words before you use them MULTIPLE TIMES in a single video!

  • ok so does anybody else see the twins from suite life of zack and cody at that camp ?

  • 9:11PM

  • I really like this video. I want to comment on the last experiment. I think that persons who are more likely to conform to authority are more likely to be the ones that will do bad things when given authority and also the ones that suffers the most under the rule of bad people. I also strongly think that the characteristic of someone to willingly conform to authority can be developed from an early age when parents are mostly in control of a child's life and it can also be a survival mechanism, where one would rather be humble than to be humbled. The former characteristic however may be more genetics dependent and also can be linked back to how capable someone or a child is to survive on his or her own without parental intervention, i.e., how naturally intelligent that child or person is.

  • So you studied psychology at school and now you make YouTube videos?

    Is this what happens to psychology graduates? I'm planning on taking it up as my major and I have no idea whether I should or not…

  • Whats the name of the movie as the cover photo of the video

  • He doesn't pronounce the word psyche correctly. It is pronounced "sigh-kee".

  • According to my former sociology professor. In the Robbers Cave experiment, the obstacles that were bad for both groups weren't an intended last step. The scientists did it because they realized their experiment worked to well and they'd bred true and pure hatred into these boys, so they added the final step to cover their assess and not send hateful little boys back to their unsuspecting parents. Isn't science fun?

  • lord of the flies was a social experiment? damn.

  • The experiment at 8:43 wowed me – I was always told I was dyslexic and if my brother did bad in an exam he would get given out to well not really but asked why did he do bad where I wasn't as I am dyslexic and sort of told I would never be as good as normal people and I always wondered if I wasn't told I was dyslexic and I was told I was smarted or just normal would I have done differently in school ?

  • The Stanford Prison and Milgram experiments led to the creation of boards at every university that determine whether subjects might be harmed and other ethical issues. Both studies are appalling, but they did reveal some shocking and very sad facts about human nature. I'm not saying that made the experiments acceptable; they weren't. But not learning what the studies reveal means those who were hurt suffered in vain.

  • I totally thought the marshmallow experiment was going to be that game fluffy bunny. Where kids try to shove as many marshmallows into their mouth and still be able to say fluffy bunny.

  • This just proves what I've known all along…that on our own, we're generally civilized, but put us in a life or death environment, and our animal instincts completely take over, I believe it to be an evolutionary holdover, from the times when early humans faced daily life or death struggles. There's an arrogance that we are an advanced, supreme species, but the harsh reality tells an entirely different story, and reminds us all that when push comes to shove, we're still merely animals.

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