10 Psychological Effects That Affect Your Behavior

10 Psychological Effects That Affect Your Behavior

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Sometimes we do something weird and then think, ‘What was the logic of my behavior?’ Was it there? In fact, there’s always some logic, but most often it hides in certain peculiarities of your mind.
Today, we’re going to tell you about ten psychological effects that affect you almost every day.

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July 17, 2017 / 27 Comments / by / in
  • As a handsome guy this happens to me on the train often but I already knew it had to do with intimidation

  • The paradox of choice reminds me of me choosing bias in kpop groups…. there's always one or two bias wreckers

  • the fitness grammar lacer test

  • so this is why no one sits beside when im in the train…

  • What's bengal light?!

  • because it's creepy to do

  • Explain when you are the only person on a bus, and a random stranger just has to sit next to you instead of literally anywhere else?! (and you have to put your bag on the floor even though you put it on the seat as a shield so that you would be left in peace) Why is that? Same goes for some people at the parking lot.

  • I must be weird then… I look for beautiful people to sit beside for public transit 😂

  • fear of beauty…

  • Now I am pretty sure I am an alien

  • Bright Side you informed us about these effects… fine… but what about the solution to it?! You should mention it too.. and only then it would be worth to know these information you provide

  • Welp,I always take the chance to sit next to a beautiful girl even though I don't really engage in any conversation so what's this effect called?

  • this would be great if it was more comprehensive because I got a little lost in some parts

  • tryna get ur kid to eat broccoli give him a choice 2 or 5 broccoli make him think he is in control

  • Think #8 has affected the dating scene hard lol.

  • Rofl I do sit next to the pretty people.

  • I got it now. Oh this is why people are not sitting next to me🤔

  • #1 Fear of beauty
    That is true, especially of men. That's part of the reason some pretty women are lonely. Guys are afraid to approach them and other women feel challenged by them.

  • I believe we are all beautiful and we should not think less of ourselves!

  • Is that the reason I never get thumbs up or comments after commenting on a video?

  • Well someone wanted to test out my toi….and then I felt alot of emotions.

  • I think rule 1 depends on a persons self confidence. If you're insecure you won't feel confident enough to sit by someone you see as attractive, but if you're secure in yourself you will. But I do agree with it. If you view yourself as less then you won't want to approach or even think of being near the person but if you see yourself as equal or at least better than, then you will.

  • #1 is me. I'm tired of sitting alone. No one sit next to me… Unless the bus is full or the person next me is older.

  • Ello yello

  • When getting hit by a car you fall on the ground. +10 points to psychology. Way to change behaviour.

  • So basically don't sit near anyone so they can't be offended for being average

  • I sit down next to beautiful people more often, reader too, Also people sometimes stink and it's disgusting

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