1 minute Psychological Test

1 minute Psychological Test

this is a short video of Psychological test.
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December 14, 2014 / 33 Comments / by / in
  • yup I failed

  • i passed………………….

  • I'm not left handed and I don't have great reflexes. Actually I kind of do..

  • Kept saying read it again but wouldn't ever show u it….. I wanted to read it again😔

  • nope read both these first go

  • and I am left handed

  • Saw the two "the" at the first run and yes, I got some extraordinary reflexes time to time

  • I passed

  • worlds..

  • Well,I couldn't find the two "the" words,not even when I read it again..After the fifth time,I eventually found it! 😂

  • this is so true I got it true and I'm left handed

  • i checked twice and still didn't see it lmao

  • I feel like such a dumbass now

  • didn't catch it

  • i already saw two thes XD i was annoyed af the rest of the time cause i was like DUDE I KNOW

  • I'm more aware because there wasn't a new sentence until "read it again" because you didn't have periods after your sentences.

  • I noticed the two "the" words because I already knew what this video was gonna be about xD

  • watched video, expecting it to be one minute long. that's one second of my life I'll never get back.

  • you got me soo good fuck fuck you brain. wait if you saw there is two fuck that mean your a pervert omg…. kill yourself before kill your selft send me you your all of the monney…. XD

  • well, you typed "thought" rather than "though", so I'm not sure this is such a good test. and the type shd be in black.

  • I didnt notice the 2nd the, but I did notice a spelling error lol

  • lefties rock!!

  • it's not worlds it's words…. typed wrong…..

  • Omg guys! I saw the two ''the'' from the beginning!

  • "Have you notice anything?" Yea I noticed. That bird thing did make me think "Wait what did that say?".

  • :00000000000

  • this is crap

  • Noticed the two words, right handed, good reflexes

  • Amazing

  • But u wrote worlds heehhehe

  • Wanker this is shit

  • What if I told you that "noticed", would be grammatically correct instead of "have you notice"?

  • I found when I m reading it 1st time

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