सही और गलत का गणित || Stock Market Psychology in Hindi || Episode-63 || Sunil Minglani

सही और गलत का गणित || Stock Market Psychology in Hindi || Episode-63 || Sunil Minglani

In this episode Sunil Minglani Explained a very famous “Quotation of George Soros” …Which says … ” It’s not important whether you are right or wrong,more important is how much you lose when you are wrong and how much money make when you are right “…..

Stock market Basics for beginners in Hindi..
Is it really difficult to make money in Stock Market…. or do we need to follow some rules ….FIND OUT ….. in my show “Bazaar Bites”…and try to find out Psychology of stock market


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  • Sir ek hi question hai asha rakhta hu jadi jawab milega…..aapne kaha tha nifty kabhi 10000 nahi jayegi…lekin aajkal nifty 10000 ke upar trad kar rahi hai…..to kya aap bhi market ke sath badal gaye ho jese aapne kaha tha..aur agar nahi to abhi ke market main kya karna chahiye…….bcz i m trading in only index future so plz…..give me answer

  • Good series sir. Keep continue.

  • Sir aap NE share market ke bare me bhut kuch btaya lekin intra day me pese kmane ki stregi nhi btai

  • 6000 views and 800 likes. . Wow. . .

  • sir 10 me 5 baar sahi Jo hota hai vo expert hai , sir thanks yeh baat batane ke liye kyunki mein to 10 mein se 7 baar sahi hota hoo yani mein ek master trader hoo

  • Sir reliance mutual fund ke bare me kuch bataye ghe kya

  • Its very impresive for me…..when i trade and start profit and i soldout quantity a small frofit and later this stock go high..

  • You are the best sir…

  • sir u r awesome,i love u and ur videos.please make a video on what percentage stop loss we have to put on stock thanks

  • Sir aapane divali ke episode me kuch service announced karenhe aisa bola tha o services kab aaige

  • awesome sir

  • Thoda hatke topic….but very important for trader an

  • And investor….infact this is a basic but important knowledge of stock market ….Thank you sir

  • bahut bahut dhanyabad sir aapne meri aakhe khol di sach me apni galti ko acsept kar lena chahia nahi to aadmi hmesa loss me rahega

  • great sir

  • i am great fan of sunil sir

  • Sir, please make a video on this quotation by legendary investor Peter Lynch:

    "Go for a business that any idiot can run – because sooner or later any idiot is probably going to run it"

  • Great work sir 🙂

  • Thankyou -3 sir the way you teach us it is incredible

  • Really knowledgeable & motivating – Thanks for your efforts Sunilji

  • baap re baap

  • super ho aap

  • ek baat to manana pade ga style lajavab hai aap ka

  • thank you

  • What advise can be better than this ? Superb.

  • aj tk kisi ne nahi samjhaya itne easy way me, all money guru bull big are worthless for others. thanks minglani ji

  • There is an old saying on wall street that goes. "sell on good news" why should you sell on good news? Because if the actual news is as expected it is of course already discounted and reflected in the market price therefore you would expect no further rise in price based on that news. so please tell us that what should we do?

  • eye -opener

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