बड़े पैसे की बड़ी बात || Stock Market Psychology in Hindi || Episode-62 || Sunil Minglani

बड़े पैसे की बड़ी बात || Stock Market Psychology in Hindi || Episode-62 || Sunil Minglani

“Words of Wisdom” of Market Gurus ….In this episode Sunil Minglani Explained a very famous Quotation of “Warren Buffett” …Which says … ” Very big and smart money takes it’s time to build a position,because they don’t intentionally make it’s a Seller’s Market when they want to Buy”…..

Stock market Basics for beginners in Hindi..
Is it really difficult to make money in Stock Market…. or do we need to follow some rules ….FIND OUT ….. in my show “Bazaar Bites”…and try to find out Psychology of stock market


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  • abhi kaunsa sector buyer market me hai

  • Thank you so much sir… and to your team…

  • maza aagaya maalik..

  • Hi sir, when to trade in option?

  • Great to see you

  • you are great sir thank…you sir salute

  • Sir, you are doing great job, I have learned too many things about this market from you God will give you blessings

  • Sir amazing content….

  • Thank u sir

  • Salute you Sir

  • Good work sir. Aap ke aise programs see hamari soch badal gayi.
    Thank you.

  • Sir… Thanks….ish video se bohot kuch jana … Decision making is important to purchase stocks

  • Nice video

  • Very nice and good information

  • dear sir, thnks a lot fr making this types of videos.

  • Sir what is impact on govt bank when arun jately gives money about 212 thousand crore and its impact on share market and what are the benefit of this. please make video on this topic

  • Sir thank you

  • great

  • Great sir ji koti koti pranam

  • sir often me jab loss me hota hai to hedge karta hu aur muje ek me profit ata hai aur dusre me loss hota hai fir bhi last me loss hota hai i mean mujhe last me positions closing karne me dikat hota hai mai position ko close karne ka manage nahi kar sakata hu aru last me loss hi hota hai ….hedging se kaise nikla jaya ……

  • p k

    best video ever sir.

  • reply me

  • Very nice sir

  • Sir , your videos are good but they provides half information like this video is true for market but also tel us how to identified witch sector is under performed and witch is over performed so that we can save us from honey trap. Sir it will be useful for new bringers like me.

  • rightly quoted: "buy on rumour & sell on news"

  • sir fir to nifty or upar jayegi 10000 k aas pass he ghum rhi hai kafi tym se koi dheere dheere khrid rha hai….wait or hold Kro hai Na sir ??

  • Very good sir ji …I learned today most important lesson for investing

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