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A Forum of learning fundamental of Psychology

Our mission is to assist the professionals, students and researchers in finding questionnaires and scales for their researches, eBooks to enhance their knowledge, online education for those who want to learn any topic or course, online consultancy, information regarding different institutions offering different programs of Psychology, admissions, hospitals and clinics, jobs, workshops, seminars, journals, software’s and all the possible information at one forum

It is our promise to provide quality of learning. We have well educated team with a vast experience of teaching, assessment, and research in the field. Moreover we have a proper system of authenticity of information regarding admissions, seminars, conferences, and research publication etc. and the information is shared only when it is sure to be authentic.

Psychology Roots is the premier forum of Pakistan with the objective of awareness of the field of Psychology. We have launched different projects including online consultancy, online education system, research projects and workshops about Psychology. We have recently started an online series of workshops along with our members and volunteers to educate people who are interested to learn Psychology free of cost.

Muhammad AamirMuhammad Aamir is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Psychology Roots, a forum he started in 2013. He holds a degree of MS Psychology (Clinical Psychology) from Department of Psychology, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan. In addition to his main responsibility to run the forum Psychology Roots and setting overall strategy, he is actively involved in different activities to provide insight about Psychology and role of Psychologist in Pakistan. He also conducts different workshops about the awareness of psychological disorders.

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